10 Hidden Details In TV Shows that We Failed to Notice

1. Ross is wearing a little banana pin on the lapel of his jacket in the scene in Friends where he says goodbye to Marcel, the monkey.

sub-buzz-24811-1534263096-1.png (700×359)
sub-buzz-28948-1534263111-4.png (700×359)
It took me three times watching the series to notice!

2. Similarly, the Magna doodle board in Joey’s apartment had a different sketch on it each episode which often corresponded with the plot.

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3. And the board even showed up in the spin-off show, Joey.

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4. There are a bunch of Lost references in the episode of How I Met Your Mother where Hurley makes friends with the gang. These include him talking about being stranded on a desert island and shouting out those infamous numbers.

sub-buzz-882-1534346671-7.png (600×300)

5. Once Upon two, former Lost writers created a Time, and there are a bunch of Lost-related Easter eggs in this show. Most significant is a clock is frozen at 8:15, Regina living at number 108, and the characters consuming Apollo bars and MacCutcheon whiskey.

sub-buzz-13572-1534429784-1.png (564×289)sub-buzz-5478-1534429723-3.png (400×266)

6. The guy who asks for Leslie’s help with replacing a park swing in the Parks and Recreation series finale was the same person who played the drunk guy she chased out of a slide in the pilot.

sub-buzz-906-1534347194-11.png (600×549)
The idea was that it’s the same guy a decade later, having cleaned himself up after hitting rock bottom in front of Leslie, with neither character recognizing the other.

7. In the episode where Marshall’s father dies in How I Met Your Mother, there’s a countdown to his death throughout, with numbers in scenes decreasing from 50 to one when Lily gets out of the cab to reveal the news.

sub-buzz-25697-1534432636-9.png (600×504)

8. In the famous episode of Friends where the guys and girls compete in the trivia quiz which costs Rachel and Monica their apartment, one of the questions is about how many categories of towels Monica has. Joey and Chandler correctly guess 11.

sub-buzz-9607-1534432522-5.png (600×358)
But if you ever wondered what the actual categories were, they appear written on the boxes in a later scene where Rachel and Monica are packing to leave the apartment.
That’s kitchen towels, old towels, and beach towels, to name just a few.

sub-buzz-26116-1534432561-5.png (600×337)

9. There’s a reference to Tangled in a scene from This is Us because Mandy Moore, who plays Rebecca in the show, also voices Rapunzel in the movie.

sub-buzz-16715-1534431634-4.png (582×330)
In one scene, Randall tells his mom: “I love you.” Rebecca responds: “I love you more,” before he says: “I love you most.” The exchange is from the song “Mother Knows Best” in Tangled.
I flipped out when I was watching it. I loved the hidden Tangled reference.

10. And, finally, in a genius bit of foreshadowing, the mother’s name in How I Met Your Mother was revealed in the first season — but no one noticed.

sub-buzz-18433-1534262839-11.png (438×680)
Ted meets a stripper whose stage name is Amber. She then introduces herself by her real name – Tracy. Ted then jokingly says to his children: “And that is how I met your mother.” The kids freak out before he tells them it’s a joke. In the finale, we find out that the mother’s name is Tracy McConnell. It took me watching HIMYM over three times to realize this — and we spent eight seasons trying to guess who she’d be!

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