10 Phoebe Buffay Bossy Quotes

Phoebe Buffay may be known for her particular jokes and unusual verses, yet that doesn’t detract from the way that she’s an absolute boss. All things considered, Phoebe Buffay experienced childhood with the roads. What’s more she has the guts to act before the Central Perk swarm practically each day. She’s the companion who isn’t reluctant to come out with the plain truth, which consistently appears to be an insult coming from her. Her attitude is decently chill, so when she makes this sort of thorough remark, it’s even more viable.

I’m Sorry I Won’t Be Able To Make It To Your Imaginary Wedding, But I’m Really Busy That Day’

Well, Let’s See, It’s Not Really Like That Because That Was An Actual Problem’

If We Were In Prison, You Guys Would Be Like, My Bitches’

Oh, I Wish I Could, But I Don’t Want To’

I Have To Go Before I Put Your Head Through A Wall’

‘I Don’t Know, You Might Be The First One’


Is Your Boyfriend The Boss Of You?’

Phoebe:Well, I’m Sorry, But It’s Hard To Believe That Someone Would Tell A Story That Dull Just To Tell It’

Phoebe: I’m A Pacifist. But When The Revolution Comes, I’ll Destroy All Of You’


Phoebe: Boyfriends And Girlfriends Come And Go, But This Is For Life’


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