10 Times Chandler Bing Proved he is The Worst on FRIENDS

In the show Friends, Chandler Bing is a big hit with fans. He is known for his witty and sarcastic one-liners, generosity, and kind heart.

However, many people find it hard to distinguish between Chandler’s good-natured humor and mockery. Even though he mostly wants to help, he can sometimes be a little too judgmental and mean to people. Chandler sometimes doesn’t know how to deal with conflict with humor, and at other times, he says things that are just plain out of bounds. The “king of sarcasm” should have thought about what he said to his friends and family before he said it.

When he took a swing at Rachel

The pilot of Friends did a good job of introducing viewers to the world of the group of people who were regulars at Central Perk. Chandler sat on the far left to see what was going on and make fun of her friends.

During the breakup, he hit Janice in the eye by accident.

Another thing fans want to talk about is how Janice, Chandler’s ex-girlfriend, is treated by him now that they’re back together. A mistake by Chandler in “The One with the Candy Hearts” caused him to hit Janice in the eye with his arms and scar her for life! This is the worst breakup etiquette that has ever been seen in the history of Friends.

When he didn’t know which of Joey’s sisters he had kissed, he felt terrible.

The people who watch the show think Chandler got worse and worse as time went on. As a joke, he played with one of Joey’s sisters without figuring out who she was.

When he kept lying to Rachel’s boss.

Often, Chandler couldn’t handle dating Joanna because she was too much for him. His date with her in “The One With The Dollhouse” didn’t work out for him. However, because she wanted to see more of him, he kept telling her lies to make her feel better.

His lie about being sent to Yemen:

Chandler and Janice were doomed from the start, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t treat her badly when they were in the same place. In the show, it made it look like he was the better person.

During his wedding, he didn’t invite his father.

As shown in “The One With Chandler’s Dad,” Chandler’s treatment of Charles caused even his most devoted fans to turn against him. It’s hard for modern-day fans to see the man who found his true passion in advertising block out his father all through his adult life.

That’s When He Said That His Friends Were Not Going to Keep Their New Year’s Resolutions!

They keep their new year’s resolutions in season 5, which is worth a lot of money. A new thing for Ross to do to make him happy every day: Ross will try something new every day. Phoebe wants to fly a commercial jet, and Joey wants to learn to play the guitar. On the other hand, Chandler makes fun of his friends at the start of the new year. Phoebe thinks he should promise not to do it anymore, and Ross bets him $50 that he can keep it up for a week.

When he made fun of Joey

His friends had to deal with the consequences of his habit. The Friends’ funnyman used to be sarcastic all the time. Chandler did this in “The One with Joey’s New Brain.” When Joey said that his character was getting a brain transplant on Days of Our Lives, Chandler couldn’t help but poke fun at him.

When He Joked About Joey’s Bracelet

It was a thank you gift from Joey to Chandler when he started making money. Chandler didn’t want to wear the golden piece of jewelry, but he did because he wanted to honor Joey’s feelings. Chandler had a problem with gender-fluid clothing and accessories. Viewers know that Gender norms limited chandler’s character and that he didn’t try to keep up with the times.

It was when Joey was wearing make-up that he made fun of him.

In the episode “The One Where the Underdog Gets Away,” viewers saw that gender stereotypes held Chandler back. After seeing Joey with makeup on, he was again sarcastic about it.

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