10 Times Monica Got Into A Sticky Situation With Her Friends

Monica Geller is by far the most “A” character on Friends. She often takes charge and acts as a mother figure for the group. Even though she wants to be in order, she and the rest of the gang often put the younger Geller in uncomfortable, awkward, or even dangerous situations.

She got hurt when a jellyfish stung her.

During the famous beach trip that Monica, Monica, and Chandler take, Monica gets stung by a jellyfish. This is one of Monica’s most famous friends’ moments.

When she seduced Chandler, she cut off one of his toes.

Chandler and Monica spent many Thanksgivings together before they realized they were soulmates. This led to awkward situations for both of them, like when Monica tried to seduce Chandler.

When She Lost Her Job

During Friends, every leading group member had problems with their jobs. Except for Chandler, who quit in the end, they had all been fired or suspended from their primary jobs, so Monica had to work in a restaurant.

At the time, she was seeing Richard’s son.

Monica and Richards’ relationship was one of the most important ones on the show. It was one of the times when the characters fell in love, but they broke up too soon because of their ages and how things were going.

When she was in the bathroom with her parents

Much of the trouble the characters get into is because of what they do. It can be put down to bad luck, just like the jellyfish. Monica may have had the worst chance in this area when locked in the bathroom. At the same time, her parents were being silly.

When Joey’s lies get her in trouble

One of the best parts of Friends was when Monica and Chandler decided to get together. When Joey found out, he was upset because he had to keep covering for them.

When she accused maid of stealing

Chandler hired a maid to clean the apartment he and Monica shared. Monica lost her temper and started to be afraid of the maid. Whether it was because she was giving up power or something else, she did it. Which of Monica’s stories on Friends was the worst?

When She Lied During the Adoption Process

One of the saddest parts of Friends is when Chandler and Monica can’t have kids. But then they talk about adoption. After finally being chosen to be parents, the agency’s decision was more bad news.

When She Struck the Spot

As a result of the famous quiz, she agrees to stake her apartment, and Rachel loses hers. “The One With Embryos” is one of the Friends episodes that you can watch repeatedly.

When she slept in the same bed as Ethan

When she starts dating a young person, it’s one of the Friends’ scariest things. And the event hasn’t held up well over time.

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