10 times Monica Got Stuck in a bad situation

Monica is one of the most liked character on Friends but most of the time she gets herself into the trouble

When She Got Stung By A Jellyfish

One of Monica’s most notorious minutes in Friends comes during the group’s renowned ocean side end of the week trip when she gets stung by a jellyfish while at the ocean side with Monica and Chandler.

While trying to help, both Chandler and Joey peed on the injury. Telling this to the remainder of the gang was without a doubt one of Monica’s cringiest minutes

When She Seduced Chandler & Cut Off His Toe

Well before Chandler and Monica acknowledged they were perfect partners, the two spent Thanksgivings together that prompted some awkward situations for both, including when Monica attempted to tempt Chandler.

The actual enchantment needed to have been humiliating for Monica, however it formally turned into her most exceedingly awful Thanksgiving when she dropped a blade and cut off one of Chandler’s toes. The reality it didn’t top Chandler’s rundown of most noticeably awful Thanksgivings is a demonstration of how dreadful the occasion was to him, overall.

When She Got Fired

Every one of them, with the exception of Chandler had been terminated from their essential positions at some point, and for Monica, that implied getting a really embarrassing job

Working in a coffee shop itself isn’t embarrassing, nor should it have been for Monica. Nonetheless, getting terminated from a genuine eatery, in transit to the most amazing job she could ever ask for as head gourmet expert, truly hurt Monica.

When She Dated Richard’s Son

Monica and Richards’ relationship was one of the primary sentiments on the show and one of the small bunch of times the characters really became hopelessly enamored with, timing and age ending up the unlucky end for them.

When She Is Stuck In The Bathroom With Her Parents

Monica’s most noticeably terrible karma in such manner. Came when she was caught in the washroom as her folks wasted time.

Monica got caught in the washroom with Judy and Jack, and when she arose, she looked shocked. No youngster needs to bear that, and Monica needed to suffer it without any method for get out.

When Joey Got Her Wrapped Up In His Lies

This prompted him stalling out in circumstances that made everybody think he was a killjoy, with Monica and Chandler never really helping Joey. At the point when Joey at long last had enough, he deceived the remainder of the group by saying he laid down with Monica and she was fixated on him, and truth be told, that she was the jerk. For a fun time, the gathering clutched the conviction Monica was the person who continually sought after Joey.

When She Accused The Maid Of Stealing

One of Monica’s most noticeably terrible storylines in Friends came when Chandler. Employed a servant to clean his and Monica’s loft. Regardless of whether it was down to giving up power or another explanation, Monica lost her cool a little and became distrustful with regards to the servant.

When She Slept With Ethan

Both she and Ethan lie about their age. While Monica lies about being more youthful, Ethan lies about being more seasoned. He was a senior in secondary school, not school. What Monica did is not difficult to forget since it occurs in season 1, and it wasn’t purposeful, as she didn’t have a clue about Ethan’s genuine age. However, she actually regretted it when she discovered, and it was not any more agreeable for her or her fans.

When She Bet The Apartment

Losing her grandparent’s apartment to the folks implied losing the home she adored. It likewise implied managing repairing the person’s apartment to her principles. While fault can be put on Rachel for misunderstanding questions. Monica was the person who bet everything, so it truly is her issue the circumstance emerged.

When She Lied During The Adoption

Probably Friends’ saddest second is when Chandler and Monica discover they can’t have kids. Later at long last persuading picked to be guardians. Then more awful news emerged when the office committed an error.

Erica accepted the pair was a minister and specialist. On second thought of coming clean, Monica kept up the trick to the extent that this would be possible. In doing this, Monica so almost cost her and Chandler their shot at reception. Fortunately, Chandler persuaded Erica to try them out. The circumstance could undoubtedly have prompted an awful result for the two. So the mix of Chandler’s adoration for Monica and Erica’s benevolence was a gift from heaven for them.




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