10 Worse Things With Ross Geller We All Choose To Ignore

In ten seasons, all individuals from the group in Friends have screwed up, however Ross Geller has done a ton of things that fans attempt to disregard.

He Left Bonnie Because She Shaved Her Head

Ross dated a not insignificant no of excellent ladies yet can in any case track down various defects. For example, he once dated beautiful Bonnie. She wasn’t simply beautiful but on the other hand was enjoyable to be with. He was truly into her until she shaved her head bare. Out of nowhere, he needed to say a final farewell to her.

He’s Always Correcting Everyone’s Grammar

In the gathering, Ross is the one in particular that has his Ph.D. In any case, that doesn’t mean he’s the most astute. In spite of the fact that he may think he is. Ross is regularly remedying individuals’ punctuation and spelling blunders. In the scandalous Rachel letter, she befuddles “that is no joke”.” Ross notably remedied her spelling during an epic battle.

He Had Feelings For His Cousin

In 2001, Ross and Monica’s cousin Cassie, portrayed by Denise Richards, comes to visit. Initially, she stays with Monica and Chandler. The only problem is Chandler can’t stop staring at her. To be fair, it is Denise Richards. Cassie then stays with her cousin Ross across the street.

It should be safe since they’re cousins. However, Ross develops romantic feelings for his cousin. In fact, he even makes a move on her. Cassie found Ross to be pretty disgusting at this moment. In fact, many fans of the show felt the same way.  Ross seems to have a problem with self-control. It would be nice if he could control himself around family members.

He Complains Excessively

Ross is poisonous and has gone through intense separations, separations and lost his employment. That is truly to be expected. He grumbles about his life issues continually. Indeed, he even gripes about the minor misfortunes throughout everyday life. For instance, he once blew a gasket when somebody ate his turkey sandwich at work.

He Had An Issue With Rachel’s Job

For the first few seasons, Ross was madly in love with Rachel. It was his dream to be with her. At the same time, Rachel worked as a waitress at Central Perk but hated the job. It was her dream to find a better job. She found the courage to quit Central Perk and landed her dream job in fashion.

She dedicated all of her time and energy to her new job. Ross didn’t like this and felt she wasn’t paying enough attention to him. He didn’t come across as the most supporting boyfriend. In fact, when it came to Rachel he expected her to drop everything for him.





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