11 Interesting Facts About ‘Friends’ That You Probably Had No Idea About

The name “Friends” was not the show’s first choice.

According to NBC, it had several working titles before being shortened to the single-word name, including Insomnia Cafe, Six of One, and Friends Like Us.

Monica was Courteney Cox’s first choice, but she was offered Rachel instead.

According to E!, Nancy McKeon of “The Facts of Life” was considered for Monica, while Jane Lynch and Kathy Griffin auditioned for Phoebe, according to The Washington Post.

Due to commitments to other projects, two of the prominent cast members almost missed out on the show.

In 2194, Matthew Perry starred in a FOX pilot called “LAX 2194,” which was about alien baggage handlers. Jennifer Aniston had tried out for six pilots that year and was waiting to hear if one of them, “Muddling Through,” would be picked up. According to People magazine, Jennifer was still waiting for the news when the cast took their photos, so she had to sit out for a few.

The cast was deemed too young by NBC.

They wanted to introduce an older character who could act as a mentor to the group. According to NBC, this character was initially referred to as “Pat the cop” in an early draught of the pilot.

Matt LeBlanc stated that he was desperate for this position.

In an interview with The Sun, he admitted that when he auditioned for “Friends,” he only had $11 in his pocket.

The show takes place in the same universe as another popular 1990s show.

Lisa Kudrow played Ursula’s character on the show “Mad About You,” Lisa Kudrow played Ursula’s character. Ursula was named Pheobe’s twin sister because it was a recurring role, and Lisa appeared on the show. Helen Hunt, who played Jamie on “Mad About You,” even mistook Phoebe for Ursula at Central Perk in one episode.

Ursula’s bar, where she waits on Joey and Chandler, may be familiar.

It’s from “How I Met Your Mother,” in the same bar.

The theme song was never intended to be released as a single.

It started getting a lot of requests and airtime after a radio station played it on repeat. According to BuzzFeed, The Rembrandts, the band behind the catchy tune, recorded a second verse and released it.

Monica was supposed to marry Joey and be the main couple in the series.

According to co-creator Marta Kaufman, the two “seemed the most sexual of the characters.”

For three seasons, Ross was 29 years old.

“We’re 29,” Joey tells Ross and Chandler in the fourth season when the guys realize they don’t enjoy partying as much as they used to. “Either I keep my wife and lose one of my closest friends, or I keep my friend but divorce for the second time before I turn 30,” Ross says in the show’s fifth season. According to HuffPost, he declines Chandler’s offer of chocolate milk in the third season, saying, “No thanks, I’m 29.”

Following 9/11, an episode was changed.

Monica and Chandler were supposed to be detained at the airport after Chandler made a bomb joke in “The One Where Rachel Tells Ross,” according to the script. It was taken down after the attacks.

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