11 Photos Prove that David Schwimmer looks Hot With Beard

Fans of Friends’ Ross Geller (David Schwimmer) love and hate him. He couldn’t respect him because he didn’t respect himself. Despite his awkwardness, Ross almost always does the right thing.

Beard says it makes you hotter, and Ross proves him right. Fans adore his new look, which is a departure from his nerdy, geeky character on the show. What Fans Think of A Ross Geller Beard!

Friends’ David Schwimmer

He looks great with a beard!!

OK, Ross! With that beard, he is HOTTTT!

FINE with a beard and moustache!!


That’s what facial hair can do. In my opinion, you need some scruff.

Photoshoot 1997

If they didn’t give his character a dorky personality and he always looked like this. But he was good as the dorky.

David Schwimmer in Las Vegas, 2017

Ross‘ facial hair reminds me of Jon B. I’ll go with Ross.

David Schwimmer at 2014 Golden Globes

The beard makes him look like a nerdy Ross, which they needed lo

2015, CA

I’ve never liked Ross… but with a little facial hair, I took notice.

I like him now that he has facial hair!

David on FRIENDS

Ross with a beard is sexy


FRIENDS, Ross Geller

Proof that a beard makes men ten thousand times hotter

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