The recent FRIENDS reunion revealed many cast secrets. Jennifer Anniston and David Schwimmer had crushes on each other, and Matt Le Blanc fractured his arm and reshot scenes. The cast never revealed FRIEND’s set secrets.

Here are some exciting FRIENDS set and prop facts:

1) Troll Doll predated the Geller Cup Plot

The Geller Cup is a classic Thanksgiving episode. Contrary to popular belief, the plot revolved around the cup. Prop team member showed the authors the troll doll on the wooden block. The notion inspired the Geller Cup.

2) No Street Set for Season 1

Due to budget constraints, the first season had no street outside Central Perk. The second season included set and window. The backdrop was painted. The front window was tinted. They used potted plants to cover the false ground.

3) Central Perk’s artwork changed weekly

Central Perk is in practically every FRIENDS episode, but we didn’t notice that the artwork changed every few episodes. Greg Grande, the set designer, said they routinely changed the back wall artwork to a new artist.

4) Central Perk’s Location Unknown

Since they called it “downstairs,” many fans thought Central Perk was on the first floor. Exterior images of their building suggest a red-awning eatery has moved in. Joey said their residence was 97 steps from the coffee shop. Nobody on their block knows where Central Perk is.

5) Monica’s door frame was wrong

The yellow door frame around Monica’s peephole was a mistake. It started with a broken bracket. Greg’s suggestion to put it around the peephole worked. He thought it was a lovely error.

6) Gladys was miscast

Do you remember Gladys? Phoebe’s scary paintings predated the show. Greg thought the work was perfect for Phoebe’s flat. For Phoebe, it’s perfect. It wasn’t created with Phoebe in mind but afterward used.

7) Monica’s TV poster wasn’t attractive

During FRIENDS, everyone was captivated by Monica’s TV poster. Although not picked for its design, it looked beautiful in the flat. Monica’s picture camouflaged a hole in the wall.

8) Boy’s recliners gave the bachelor-pad vibe

Joey Tribbiani and Chandler Bing loved bachelor-pad recliners. Mr. Grande, the set designer, said, “I looked for the most annoying.” “Those chairs were all about comfort and beer,” he said.

9) Hugsy was added to amuse Joey.

Joey unintentionally called Hugsy his “bedtime penguin” in “The One Where Everyone Finds Out.” He tells Rachel he took Hugsy from a youngster and swallowed his button years ago. It appeared in later episodes. Grande’s inclusion was fun.

10) Magna Doodle’s writing changed

Chandler and Joey’s Magna doodle writing changed between edits. Chandler was teaching Rachel and Joey how he danced at a wedding when Ross strolled in and said, “Poop.” Maybe things altered because of what they can’t tell Ross. Next time you watch FRIENDS and see Chandler’s door, look at the doodle. Something fresh always pleases.

11) Monica, Chandler, Rachel, and Joey lived in Greenwich Village.

Their flat was the show’s soul. True fans call this “home” Purple wall, blue cabinets, a round table with mismatched seats, and Chandler and Joey’s flat across the way. You can view the exterior of Monica’s flat at 90 Bedford Street, near Grove Street in Greenwich Village.

12) Warner Bros. Studios’ Iconic Orange Couch

Early 1900s burnt-orange tufted-mohair sofa from Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank. Mr. Shaffner said the sofa’s design fostered a relaxed posture. Stated Grande. We used old-school pieces and earth tones. It has to be cozy but different from the apartment setups.

13) Pat, the dog, gave the setting an Italian touch.

Joey’s success is this greyhound monument. The sculpture developed its personality. Mr. Grande was told to give the persona a little Italian flair. Italy 2000 has this dog. It was 70s-themed and hilarious.”

14) Boys’ apartment Laurel and Hardy poster

Stated Grande. “We wanted it to look barren and uncaring. We had to decorate the walls.” This unframed poster of early-20th-century entertainers Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy matched the set nicely. Joey and Chandler were a couple in their way, said Mr. Shaffner.

15) Show Phoebe’s Apartment

In “Joey’s New Brain,” Rachel and Phoebe find a phone in this episode. She tells the stranger to pick it up at 5 Morton Street. Monica, Rachel, Joey, and Chandler lived four minutes away.

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