15 Moments that Prove that this is ‘FRIENDS’ Best Episode

In this list, there are 15 examples to show that it is.

1. During the open house for the apartment of Ugly Naked Guy, Phoebe sees Monica and Chandler having sex through the window. Rachel, Phoebe, and Ross go with them.

2. When Rachel and Phoebe pretend to be excited about Ross liking the apartment, he won’t look outside.

3. When Joey learns that Phoebe knows.

4. As soon as more people find out, Joey is very happy. This means he doesn’t have to keep the secret anymore.

5. When Phoebe flirts with Chandler for the first time, because her sexuality is the best tool she has to get Chandler to like her.

6. She makes it very, very clear.

7. When Rachel asks Monica if she wants to go to a movie with her and Phoebe, Monica says no.

8. It’s number eight. Rachel says that Monica’s laundry bluff is a lie.

9. When Ross gave Ugly Naked Guy a $12 basket of mini muffins to help him get the apartment.

10. When Phoebe and Rachel leave

11. When Monica realizes that Phoebe’s behavior is the only reason for it.

12. When Monica and Chandler find out that Joey knew about Phoebe.

13. The next time Monica thinks of a way to mess with Rachel and Phoebe, she does it.

14. Then they start messing around.

15. When Phoebe tells Rachel that Chandler wants her to come over and feel his bicep and more, Rachel will be excited to do so.

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