15 Not-So-Popular Opinions That Will Change The Way You View Your Favorite TV Shows

1. Karen and Jim were meant to be.

Karen-and-Jim-on-The-Office.jpg (1440×720)
“I thought Jim should have been with Karen on The Office. They were adorable together.”

2. Nellie was way better than Andy.

HP-Monitor-Used-by-Catherine-Tate-Nellie-Bertram-in-The-Office-1-2.jpg (1920×1080)
“Nellie was a great character on The Office. She was a better manager than Andy and was funny the same way Michael was, without trying so hard as Andy did.”

3. The Mandalorian is a snoozefest.

“I think The Mandalorian is a terrible show, and I’m saying this as a massive Star Wars fan. It’s a generic story with no real stakes, a predictable plot, poor screenwriting, and bad dialogue. If you remove the fight scenes, there’s a minimal story in each episode.”

4. Jess and Nick were a terrible couple.

“Nick was better before he got with Jess in the final season of New Girl. She changed him for the worse. Their relationship was terrible the second time around, and it made me sad for him.”

5. The Queen’s Gambit doesn’t deserve all the hype.

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“I may be the only person who hates The Queen’s Gambit. It’s boring, superficial, and unrealistic, and it skirted over so many defining moments in the heroine’s life. I also found the glamorizing of addiction, depression, and alcoholism very worrying.”

6. Robin and Barney should never have happened.

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“I hated Robin and Barney together in How I Met Your Mother. The last season was awful because of their wedding. Barney should’ve stayed with Nora. She was way better for him.”

7. Blair Waldorf is the worst.

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“I HATE Blair Waldorf, and I like Vanessa in Gossip Girl. She called the rich kids out for their entitled behavior and is one of the few relatable characters.”

8. Dan and Blair were the best couples.

sub-buzz-1570-1607441306-5.png (600×409)
“Dan and Blair from Gossip Girl made a great couple. Most people highly disagree, but they balance each other out well. Plus, I’m always a sucker for the enemies-to-lovers trope.”

9. The Good Place could’ve ended sooner.

“The Good Place should’ve been one season, and the finale should’ve just implied that they’d be stuck in that cycle forever.”

10. Olivia and Fitz don’t make sense.

“I don’t like Olivia and Fitz together on Scandal, especially when they weren’t public. Olivia was strong, morally driven, and independent. I don’t buy that she would accept any relationship she couldn’t completely own.”

11. McDreamy was McDreadful.

Screen-Shot-2018-12-13-at-11.47.45-AM.jpg (1496×790)
“In Grey’s Anatomy, Meredith and Derek were a terrible couple. Derek mistreated her, and Meredith often seemed indifferent to their relationship.”

12. Phoebe married the wrong guy.

MV5BMjEwMDgwMTM3M15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNDM5NzU0MDE@._V1_.jpg (2048×1334)

“Phoebe should have married David at the end of Friends! He was always committed to Phoebe and came back to visit her several times throughout the series. I’m mad that she ended up choosing Mike, who never wanted to marry her in the first place!”

13. Ross rocks.

“Ross is a hilarious character on Friends. Of course, Chandler is still the best, but Ross had the funniest storylines and made the most out of his situations.”

14. Luther gets too much hate.

“Luther’s trauma in The Umbrella Academy is as valid as the other siblings’, and he gets too much hate. His father mutilated him, he got sent to the moon for no reason, and he didn’t leave the academy for 30 years.”

15. Community got the couples wrong.

“Community is perhaps one of the funniest shows, but it had some issues. Jeff and Annie should have been 100% spiritual. Jeff should have ended up with Britta, and Annie should’ve been with Abed.”

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