15 Secrets About Courteney Cox To Surprise Her Fans

Courteney Cox was best known for being in Bruce Springsteen’s “Dancing in the Dark” music video. Monica Geller is the role that Cox is best known for, and it looks like that will never change.

15. In front of the lens

Courteney Cox is best known for being an actress. She likes to make people laugh. Also, Courteney has directed several TV shows since the early 2000s. She ran 12 episodes of Cougar Town. On top of that, she has become a perfect and very prolific TV producer.

14. Planned Projects that didn’t happen.

Given that Courteney Cox has to be a TV legend by now, it is clear that she made the right option when she decided to become an actor for a living. That doesn’t mean that it was easy for her to choose to focus on her job now. That’s true. At one point, she was studying architecture at Mount Vernon College. She dropped out to become a model instead!

13. What’s in a Name?

Courteney Cox Arquette changed her name after getting married in 1999. Most fans of the show “Friends” will remember this fact. In 2001, Courteney dropped Arquette from her last name, even though she was still married to David until 2013. In 2001, her father, Robert, died. She changed her name back to honor him, and she did it at work, too.

12. A person who gives back.

Celebrities like Courteney Cox are often willing to help out with many different charities. However, when she made Coco for Cargo Cosmetics, she went even further than many peers. All of the money from the sale of Coco went to help fight epidermolysis bullosa, a rare skin disease.

11. Something In Common

So, it’s no surprise that many actors end up playing characters that they don’t even know very well. This is true because Courteney Cox and Monica Geller from the ” Friends ” show are neat freaks. One of the people who helped make Friends said that Courteney is so concerned about cleaning things that she would clean the dressing rooms of her co-stars.

10. The groundbreaker

Through the years, it is clear that people who watch TV have become used to seeing things on their TVs that were once considered bad or weird. There was a time, for example, when even married couples couldn’t be seen together in bed on TV. When Courteney started acting, she was the first to call a period by its name on TV in a commercial for Tampax.

9. All alone

A lot of people watched the show for ten years. The cast and crew also got a lot of well-deserved praise. Yet, for some reason, Courteney Cox was the only one of the Friends stars who didn’t get an Emmy nomination for her work on the show. It’s hard to believe that Cox didn’t win an Emmy for her role because she was so funny at times.

8. The search was sad.

The disappearance of Natalie Holloway was a story many people were interested in back in 2005. Because Natalee went to the same high school as Courteney Cox, she decided to do a celebrity fundraiser to help the family. Holloway’s story turned out to be tragic, even though Courteney helped pay for the search. She was never found, and someone confessed to killing her.

7. There are different roles.

It’s hard to believe that Courteney Cox would have been thought of for another part. After all, she did get to play Rachel Green. She turned it down to play her most famous character. She was great at playing Monica Geller on “Friends.” If you ask us, we believe that proves her acting skills.

6. Addiction at a young age is dangerous.

Courteney Cox is best known for playing Monica Geller on Friends TV. In real life, she isn’t as innocent as you might think. Among other things, she said that when she was 13 years old, she started smoking. She didn’t stop until just before her 1999 marriage to David Arquette when she got married.

5. The Lesser-Known Legacy:

The girl in Bruce Springsteen’s “Dancing in the Dark” music video was Courteney Cox, long before she became a big star on her own. This is because of how well-known that video is. It turns out that Courteney was the source of something truly unique, the Carlton dance. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air actor Alfonso Ribeiro said that Courteney’s moves inspired his favorite dance in that video. We know this because we saw it.

4. Hard work pays off.

Cox had a lot going on. She was not only on the show “Friends,” but she was also part of a huge movie series called “Scream.” The producers of Scream thought she was too nice to play Gale Weathers because she was so lovely on the show Friends. After talking to the producers a lot, Courteney convinced them to play Gale.

3. Another Job

At the same time, Courteney Cox has been making money by flipping houses for a long time now. She buys a lot of places with classic architecture. She is very good at modernizing the living space while still keeping the home’s unique features and original design.

2. Great Friend

Since Courteney Cox first became famous, she has made many close friends with other famous people. People don’t know, though, that Courteney and Ed Sheeran are so close that they go on double dates. When Ed was in Malibu writing new music, Courteney let him stay with her for a few months rent-free. He said that he was an excellent houseguest because he did the housework.

1. A Huge Deal.

After Friends ended, Courteney Cox was given a fantastic chance to star in another show that would become a huge hit, Desperate Housewives. Marc Cherry, the show’s creator, wanted Courteney to play Susan Meyers. Because she was pregnant at the time, she turned down the role.


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