15 Sitcom Mistakes And Inconsistencies That Get On People’s Nerves

1. “On Friends, Ross has two different birthdays.”

2. “In one episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Amy sneaks into Holt’s room to find out what he and Kevin have recorded on their DVR. But Holt says later that his bedroom doesn’t have a TV.

3. On the TV show “Cheers,” Norm’s hand moves from the counter to his glass.

4 “Robby” is dull in Season 2 of New Girl. Then, in Season 6, he’s the most exciting man in the world. “

5. “On The Office, Pam’s mom changes.”

6. “In the 1st episode of Friends, Phoebe says she pulled out four eyelashes, but when we cut to Paul’s reaction, Phoebe is sitting on the chair behind him….”

7 “Because she was pregnant, Dorothy from “The Golden Girls” married Stan. She’s been married for 38 years, but her kids are already in their early 20s.”

8. “Judy Winslow was the character on Family Matters for a few years, and then she just disappeared, as if she had never been there.”

9. “On Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Jake can’t do a pull-up for the FBI break-in, but he does pull-ups during the stakeout with Boyle.”

10. In MASH, Col. Blake calls his wife Mildred, but she is later named Lorraine.

11. “In the episode of New Girl where Jess tries to get Nick and Schmidt to work together, she had red nail polish on one second and gone the next.”

12 “Moira tries out for The Crows Have Eyes 2 in Schitt’s Creek and brags about it being a sequel. When she starts working on it, it turns into The Crows Have Eyes 3: the crowning.”

13. “The guys on Friends love Die Hard, but Bruce Willis plays Ross’s girlfriend’s father on the show.”

14. On Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Geoffrey’s glass magically fills itself up.

15 “Michael says in the first episode of The Office that he has worked at Dunder Mifflin for 12 years. After five years, he has been with the company for 15 years.”

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