15 Workout Pictures Of The Cast Of Friends Staying In Shape

We don’t think the show will ever go out of style. A new episode of “Friends” hasn’t aired in more than 16 years. Because of reruns and other on-demand services, the attacks will always be available to watch.

15. Joey In Yellow

Unlike his Joey character on Friends, Matt LeBlanc enjoys living a quiet life. This is very different from how he felt when he was struggling.

14. Monica On The Bike

Okay, so maybe Monica doesn’t get so excited when she starts riding her bike. Monica has a lot of the same traits. In this picture, she is on an ABC show. We can’t help but think that the image we’re seeing isn’t far off.

13. Vacation Workout

People love this picture. It shows how close these two are behind the scenes. They still go on trips together even today.

12. Aniston Post-Boxing

The next time you need to work up a sweat, why not try some combat sports, as Aniston does with her boxing class.

11. Fatigued After A Gym Session

Why don’t you do what Chandler did and hire a trainer? He looks tired in the picture above, which means he was tired from the class. Need some extra help?

10. Gym Time In NYC

Ross hasn’t been to the gym very often, so we don’t have many pictures. Joey, on the other hand, likes to live a quiet life.

9. Rachel & Yoga

Jen Aniston looks very young in the picture above. She isn’t afraid to change things when it comes to working out. It’s all about long-term success, so changing things up isn’t bad.

8. Aniston Spotted Working Out

Becoming a well-known sitcom indeed has its perks. However, it also draws a lot of attention. The paparazzi want to see everything you do, even when you’re working out.

7. Chandler Post Gym

Ah, that wonderful feeling of having done the gym. Chandler has a lot of cuts on his body, but he didn’t pick the most comfortable gym shoes. Instead, he chose a pair of Converse sneakers.

6. Jen & The Yoga Pant

If you read her interview with Shape, you know that Aniston is a big fan of jogging, but her new favorite workout is a lot of hard circuit training.

5. Monica Hitting the Gym Out In LA

Monica, who is in her 50s, is still a world wonder. In a recent interview with Closer Weekly, a big part of that is how hard she works out with kickboxing.

4. Candid Of Jen Jogging

She has a lot of hard training habits. She said in Shape that nutrition is also essential. That starts in the morning, and it’s vital to eat a healthy breakfast.

3. Perry Post Workout

There are a lot of things, but what is in the bag? Let’s hope it’s not a cheat meal that came early, but instead, a healthy protein bar or drinks.

2. Throwback Friends Pic

At least one picture of Phoebe and Rachel running had to be cut.

1. Celeb Goals

A celeb is a good role model because Jen does well in both her workouts and her healthy eating even after all these years.

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