18 Jokes From “Friends” That You Will Still Laugh At Yours Billionth Watch

1. Joey’s attempt to help Ross talk about a complex subject. This could be my favourite joke from Friends.

2. Chandler’s offer to Monica to have a baby.

3. Phoebe’s college group.

4. What would Joey do if he could do anything for one day?

5. The compliment Chandler gave Rachel when he saw her topless by accident.

6. Also, “tit for tat.”

7. How does Joey track what day it is on Thursday?

8. When Emma was running late,

9. Monica and Chandler try to get together secretly at Ross’s wedding.

10. Joey’s song for his twin brother with the same hands

11. Rachel’s excellent answer

12. My eyes, my eyes.


13. How often does Joey get sex?

14. The salad on the side.

15. Chandler and Ross talk about their music when they are in college.

16. Their fake IDs on the set of Friends.

17. How much does Phoebe like Monica and Ross’s dad?

18. The tiny dot on Phoebe’s arm.

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