5 Lesser Known Facts About Friends That Even Die Hard Fans Didn’t Know

Having been around for north of 25 years, you may believe there’s nothing left to find out with regards to Friends.

At this point, we’ve heard “astonishing realities” like Courteney Cox initially trying out for the job of Rachel and the show originally being named Six Of One and Friends Like Us on many occasions.

Nonetheless, there are still some lesser-known stories and tales about the iconic show that even the most devoted fans likely won’t have the foggiest idea.

In a festival of the primary cast’s exceptionally unique TV get-together, we’ve dug into the Friends vaults to reveal a portion of the more dark realities about the universally adored sitcom…

1. Phoebe  had a pretty different ending

Phoebe might have hitched performer Mike when Friends closed; however, things might have worked out unexpectedly.

Co-maker David Crane said there was “certainly a chance” that Phoebe might have wound up with previous accomplice David (played by Hank Azaria) rather than Mike (Paul Rudd).

“They’re both astonishing entertainers. That is to say, both Paul and Hank are incredible with her. We kind of went this way and that,” he told Radio Times.

“I don’t recollect every one of the pieces that prompted where we landed. Be that as it may, no doubt, it might have put in any amount of work. Phoebe would have been incredible with possibly one.”

2. Friends writers played a part in getting Matthew and Julia together

The pair partook in a short sentiment after her Friends appearance, and staff essayist Alexa Junge said they were “all in Team Matthew attempting to get it going” for him.

“They might have met before the scene. However, she was keen on him from a remote place since he’s so enchanting,” Alexa said. “There was a great deal of being a tease over faxing. She was giving him these polls like, ‘For what reason should I go out with you?’ And everybody in the journalists’ room assisted him with disclosing to her why.”

Jeff Astrof, who composed a large portion of the scene, reviewed Julia remaining uninvolved, observing Matthew’s person diverting.

“I’m similar to, ‘I composed all of those lines!'” Jeff kidded. “I couldn’t say whether she went gaga for Matthew on the spot; however, they before long began dating. I felt like Cyrano [de Bergerac]. Like, ‘Chandler will date Julia Roberts, and I will return home to my awful sweetheart.’ That’s my memory of that scene.”

A “no hook up” rule of the main cast


Notwithstanding, the posse had strict guidelines to stop any such circumstance from occurring.

In a meeting with Access preceding the get-together, Matthew Perry said: “There was a standard that we had – it was genuinely imperative to the six of us that we kept a fellowship, that we were companions.

“In case we were attaching, or there was any peculiarity continuing, that might have meddled with things,” he said, asserting that chief Jim Burrows previously presented the standard.

He proceeded: “So we kept a fellowship, and we turned out to be truly old buddies. Furthermore, we are truly old buddies right up ’til the present time. Also, we made all the difference for that, and I imagine that was vital.”

Life did almost mirror craftsmanship for David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston.

They confessed to “squashing hard” on one another during the get-together after the first gathering.

“The primary season, I had eyes only for Jen,” David uncovered. “Furthermore, I think we both, sooner or later, were pounding hard on one another, yet it resembled two ships passing since one of us was consistently seeing someone we never crossed that limit. We regarded that.”

Jennifer concurred and affirmed their first kiss came on-screen when Ross and Rachel embraced Central Perk during season two.

She said: “So we just diverted the entirety of our reverence and love for one another into Ross and Rachel.”

Reese Witherspoon turned down a second guest appearance as Rachel’s sister

Before her ascent to notoriety in the 2001 film Legally Blonde, Reese showed up in a two-section scene, playing Rachel’s sister, Jill.

While she and Jennifer Aniston have since been brought together on The Morning Show, they would have shared the screen again a ton sooner had Reese not turned down the opportunity to repeat her Friends job.

During a joint meeting with the Associated Press, Jennifer said that Reese “passed out with dread” of the live crowd during her unique spell, to which Reese said: “Did you realize they asked me back? They asked me back, and I said I could not do it… I was terrified!”

“What a disgrace!” Jennifer answered. “You would have begun to cherish it!”

Three years after Reese’s appearance, a future storyline saw the presentation of Rachel’s other sister, Amy, who Christina Applegate played.

5. The famous Friends fountain had already been featured elsewhere before the show’s debut

A year before, the Friends were sprinkling about in the wellspring to record the initial titles, and the water highlight showed up in the Bette Midler exemplary Hocus Pocus.

It is an establishment in a Warner Brothers studio backlot in Burbank, California, where Friends recorded for every one of the ten seasons, and the new gathering extraordinary was shot.

Fans regularly mess up Cherry Hill wellspring in New York’s Central Park as the setting for the initial grouping.

In any case, while Friends was, to be sure, set in the Big Apple, the show was shot entirely almost 3000 miles away in Los Angeles, just like its initial titles.

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