5 things that Happen on Friends that we did not expect

Across the 10 seasons of Friends, astounding minutes were dependably around the bend. It remained as such until the last episode

Friends is point of fact perhaps the best sitcom ever is still as well known now as it was the point at which it initially broadcasted. Since the show ran for such a long time. It was never going to be not difficult to continually surprise fans. The series figured out how to do as such many occasions for 10 seasons.

With 10 seasons altogether, the posse went through their reasonable part of surprising dramatization. From a wedding that was over before it even begun to the weirdest snare ups, the series has a lot of minutes that had fans heaving in unadulterated doubt.

Ross Tried To Date Janice

Ross discovers that Emily is getting hitched once more, he goes to a bar and attaches with Janice.

Janice was the last individual that anybody anticipated that Ross should furtively attach with. And for such countless reasons. Going for Chandler’s ex as of now makes it unsafe domain. IT’s not unexpected information that nobody especially loved Janice. At the point when Ross says he needs to see her once more, everybody’s face says everything.

Chandler Quit His Job

Still to this day, there are very few people in the world who know Chandler’s job. Everyone knew that he didn’t particularly enjoy it, but no one thought he would ever actually quit. After being forced to spend Christmas in Tulsa, Chandler decides his job isn’t worth it and abruptly quits.

Ross And Phoebe Actually Kissed Each other

Flashbacks consistently uncover amazing things about the posse, however nothing was more sudden than Ross and Phoebe’s mysterious kiss. Later Ross discovers that his better half is a lesbian, Phoebe consoles him and they some way or another wind up kissing.

When Joey Moved Out

One of the center pieces of the series is the manly relationship among Chandler and Joey and their dynamic as flat mates. At the point when they squabble over a filthy spoon, Joey concludes it’s the ideal opportunity for a change and moves out of his and Chandler’s loft.

Friends: Ross And Rachel Got Married In Vegas

Regardless of all that they’d experienced, Ross and Rachel appeared to be in a decent spot and were settled as companions in season 5. In perhaps the dearest companion episodes ever, the pack goes to Vegas where Monica and Chandler abruptly choose to get hitched.

Ross and Rachel gladly burst out the church, presently lawfully wedded. Notwithstanding them being ludicrously plastered, nobody might have anticipated that their wedding should happen this way.



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