5 Times Monica & Rachel Proved They Were Bestfriends

Monica and Rachel have their good and bad times on Friends, however toward the day’s end, they truly are dearest companions.

There are presumably very few individuals who didn’t watch  Friends. Quite possibly the most notable television sitcom ever was recorded somewhere in the range of 1994 and 2004, yet stays well known even today.

5- They were childhood friends

Monica and Rachel have been Friends since secondary school. They shared every one of the main minutes in their juvenile years. At the point when Rachel’s prom date didn’t appear, Monica support her and told her that she wouldn’t go to the prom by the same token. They went to the school party together, moving and having a good time each and every night. At the point when Monica began to lose her weight, Rachel sees even several pounds lost and upheld her as far as possible. They likewise thought of the arrangement where Monica would tempt Chandler and afterward leave, as a vengeance for calling her fat. Obviously, Monica didn’t know anything about enticement, so Rachel shows her beginning and end she knows.

4- Monica Gave Rachel Her Health Insurance

In the episode “The One With Two Parts,” Rachel hurt her ankle falling off the roof while taking off the Christmas lights. Monica took her to the hospital, only to find out that Rachel doesn’t have health insurance. Two friends switched their identities so that Rachel can use Monica’s insurance. Even though she committed fraud, Monica put her friend’s health first. Rachel also told Monica that she is her emergency contact, which proves trust and closeness they share. In the end, they switch back their identities, and Rachel pays for her hospital bill.

3- Monica Cooks For Rachel’s Boyfriend

Rachel had a huge crush on Joshua, so for their third date, she wanted to impress him by cooking dinner for him. The only problem was – Rachel doesn’t know how to cook. That is when Monica proved her friendship one more time. She stepped in and prepared a delicious meal for Rachel and Joshua’s date, that Rachel took credit for. Unfortunately, dinner ended up in a fridge, because they got interrupted by Joshua’s fear of farm animals, and later his parents coming home early.

2- Rachel was Monica’s Bride Of Honor

After her commitment with Chandler, Monica needs to pick her house cleaner of honor, among Rachel and Phoebe, so she allows them to choose. Phoebe and Rachel begin to contend over the “house keeper of honor” title, with Ross and Joey as judges.

At the point when Rachel lost, she gave Phoebe every one of the easily overlooked details she as of now has for Monica’s wedding, including an image of two of them as youngsters, where Rachel hold Monica’s fanciful wedding dress. Perceiving how significant this is to her, and how long it has been her fantasy, Phoebe ventures down, and let Rachel be Monica’s servant of honor.

1- Monica Gave Up Her “Child Name” For Rachel

In season 8, Rachel and Ross had their child. However, there is one thing they didn’t have, and that is a name for the child. They continued battling and putting a disagreement on one another’s decisions, and simultaneously, referring to the kid as a “child young lady.” In the clinic, Monica says how she definitely realizes her future youngster’s name, and it is Emma. Rachel promptly experiences passionate feelings for the name, and Monica let her have it. She said that she cherishes that name, however she adores Rachel more.

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