7 Facts About Rachel That even Die Hard Fans Forgot About

Rachel Green is one o the famous Character portrayed in late 90s and early 20s. It is one o the famous character of friends. She was the most liked one on the show. Jennifer Aniston also known as Rachel Green is like by every an o the show. The last season was portrayed 21 years ago but still the fan following o friends and especially of Green is growing day by day. but still the last season was aired 200 years ago there are some acts fans might have forgot about  Green. So here are the facts about  Green

Rachel green Has A beautiful Tattoo:

The Episode in which Joey Moved out Rachel And Phoebe decided to get the tatto. Phoebe dropped her plan but Rachel got A beautiful tattoo on her hips.

Rachel green Smoking Phase:

She is the member of the group who smokes other than chandler. Actually she was a spoiled child so she had these kind of habits.

She Had A Pet:

She once buy an expensive cat. the cat that was hairless. Actually the cat does not looks like a cat. so she sold the cat to gunther.

She had a nose job

Rachel had an ugly nose when she was in school. so, when the flashbacks come it shows she did nose job after school.

She Kissed Everyone in the group:

Rachel is the only one who kissed everyone in the group. She kissed Joey while she was dating him. She also kissed Ross. She once made out with Chandler. she and Joey Kissed Phoebe. She also kissed monica backstage.

She was Actually Afraid of Fishes:

Rach came to know that Phoebe is jealous of her living with Joey. Phoebe wanted Rach to come back to her apartment so she began to give horrible gits to Joey. So she told her to gift a fish to Joey which she found out more scarier than a spider.

Rachel first kissed Chandler Not Ross In the Group:

Actually it was chandler whom Rachel kissed first. Every fan thought that she first kissed Ross in the group but it is not the truth.



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