7 Reasons why Rachel Green is the best character of Friends show

Lady buddy Rachel Green is without a doubt perhaps the most dearest Friend characters. From her design to her faithfulness, she sets the bar high for her different Friends. These are the reason a few fans do not think that she’s the best person.

Rachel Green Loyalty

One of the main justifications for why Rachel Green is the dearest Friends character is her dependability. The show is about fellowship, In Terrible times she was always there for everyone. Regardless of whether it’s comforting Monica or supporting Phoebe’s music vocation, she generally offered her sympathy and faithfulness.

Rachel Green Follows her heart:

Regardless of whether it’s in dating or her profession, Rachel isn’t hesitant to follow what she needs. In the series, she goes from wedding for cash to an undeniable profession lady In numerous ways, she has her certainty to thank for her prosperity. While we in all actuality do see looks at her uncertainties all through the series.

Rachel Green sense of humor was great:

Could we as a whole concur that Rachel is the most amusing person on Friends? Regardless of whether she’s calling Ross out for his marriage history. Or having a fantastic bygone era with Joey in their common flat. Rachel has a comical side like no one had.


Giving Her Best In Everything:

Discussing her cooking abilities, Rachel is dependably okay with attempting new things. Regardless of whether it be helping Monica in the kitchen or playing football on Thanksgiving. She generally gives a Full effort

She Is A Fashion Icon:

With regards to style, Rachel realizes what she’s doing. Her person is an immediate portrayal of numerous ladies in New York City, From her shopping dependence on her profession at Ralph Lauren. Rachel’s adoration for design radiates through in many episodes

She Stood Up For Women Rights:

Who can neglect Rachel’s well known line, “no uterus, no opinion?” After getting some criticism about labor from Joey and Ross. Rachel broadly pointed her finger at them and reacted with her clever women’s activist jokes. Rachel’s pregnancy drew out a ton of her women’s activist side and shed light on some normal things ladies experienced (in the work environment, as well.

She is Ross’ Lobster:

Another justification for why Rachel Green is the dearest companions character? She is Ross’ lobster. We love a decent romantic tale, and Rachel and Ross’ is difficult to beat. While they don’t wind up together until the finish of the series. When Rachel broadly gets off the plane. Their romantic tale is straightforward, interesting, and an advanced fantasy.

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