7 Serious Situations Used Hilariously in Friends

We just finished watching Friends from Season 1 Episode 1 to Season 10 Episode 24, so I’m still in a Friends haze. Be warned, and there may be more posts about this classic sitcom.

Doctor/Surgeon Notifying Patient’s Family

This scene in the epi causes a lot of tension in the audience.

Couple Feuds

Chandler takes a day off work to care for Chick and Duck, and Joey adopts them. They fight because of Joey’s unpredictable work life, giving them the appearance of new parents. Scene here. Joey’s role in a daily soap is paying off. However, he and Chandler have issues due to their different lifestyles. Joey looks for a new place to live and rents an apartment. It’s as if they’re having an extramarital affair. Here’s the scene.

A Cop/Fire Investigator Explains a Mistake to Victims

The incense in Phoebe’s dollhouse causes it to catch fire, and Ross and Monica try to save it. When Phoebe arrives at the “crime scene,” she is devastated to see the carnage. See the scene unfold.

Parenting Reminiscences

Except here, the friends have gained a new perspective on their parents as ordinary people with problems. “Why can’t parents stay parents?” they ask childishly. “Why must they become people?”

Teenagers’ Parents’ Discipline

Joey is disturbed by his father’s affair. So his father and girlfriend move into a hotel room. But Joey wants to keep them apart until he tells his mother.

Affection in Public

Joey is teaching Ross how to dirty talk with his girlfriend. When Chandler overhears this conversation and is amused, it turns into a hilarious situation. Then there’s the scene where Joey shows Chandler how he plans to seduce Rachel.

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