8 Best Sitcoms with the worst main characters

Sitcoms are known for having characters with flaws. The main characters’ flaws make them more accurate and easier for many people to relate to. These flaws often drive their stories and can be a place where they grow.

Even in the most popular and classic series, there are characters that people don’t like. Even though everyone in the group usually has flaws, there is usually one person who is impossible to enjoy. These people hurt the people around them because they are rude and self-centered. They also often play the victim card and never take responsibility for their actions.

The worst boss is Michael Scott (The Office).

In “The Office,” Michael Scott’s desire to be liked made him very unpopular. He wanted to be the “best boss,” but he didn’t always know when he went too far. He usually thought he was friendly and not annoying. Throughout the series, Michael jokes about his rude coworkers and continues to cross the line between work and personal life by getting involved in other people’s lives.

Ted Mosby told his kids too much (How I Met Your Mother).

How I Met Your Mother is set up so Ted Mosby can tell his kids how he met their mother. The premise seems sweet and innocent, but Ted tells his kids too much about things they don’t need to know, especially his “conquests.”

Zoey Johnson does not get bigger (black-ish)

Zoey Johnson’s character was first seen in the critically acclaimed show Black-ish. It was fun to watch her grow up as a member of the Gen-Z generation. Zoey was, at best bearable in the spin-off show Grown-ish. But her biggest fans have had to face that Zoey hasn’t changed as a person over both series. It’s sad because her character is so vital to the series. Not only is she the main character, but she also tells the story.

Jerry Seinfeld is a braggart (Seinfeld).

Seinfeld is full of horrible people, but Jerry Seinfeld’s fictionalized version stands out the most. On the show, Jerry isn’t the only one who has difficulty finding a date. His friends also have a hard time. But because he has high standards, most of his relationships don’t work out.

Eleanor Shellstrop knows how bad she is (The Good Place).

Eleanor Shellstrop differed from other characters because fans knew what to expect from her. She’s a bad person, and she’s said that herself several times throughout the series.

J.D. is the type to be envious (Scrubs)

The main character and narrator of the popular medical comedy Scrubs was not perfect. As the seasons continued, J.D.’s evident and growing jealousy about his feelings for fellow doctor Elliot made him less likable.

Ross Geller Is Intolerant (Friends)

Everyone agrees that Ross Geller is the worst out of the six main characters on Friends. Ross has very low self-esteem after his ex-wife Carol leaves him for another woman. He goes down a spiral of self-destruction that makes him hurt his friends, family, and partners to the point where he manipulates and makes fun of them.

Even as a ’90s sitcom dad, Raymond Barone stinks (Everybody Loves Raymond)

Everybody Loves Raymond followed the tried-and-true pattern of family-focused sitcoms from the 1990s. On the other hand, Ray Barone is one of the worst dads and husbands in sitcoms. Ray tries to get his wife Debra to have sex throughout the show. He kept asking her about it, even when she said no or wasn’t in the mood.

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