8 Harsh Realities A Die-Hard Fan Of ‘Friends’ has to Live With

Fans always pay close attention to the NBC show Friends. Even though millennials and Gen Z have different things they don’t like about the sitcom, both fans agree that there are some horrible things about being a Friends fan. People criticise today because of how Joey was portrayed as an alpha male and the male nanny plot.

Aside from that, Monica and Chandler’s big move in the finale and the fact that Joey’s storyline wasn’t finished left fans with an empty feeling. Here are the terrible things about loving Friends, some of which will make you mad and others cry.

The Story of the Male Nanny

In the season 9 episode “The One With the Male Nanny,” Ross repeatedly insults and talks badly about Emma’s nanny Sandy until he finally fires him. The plot is one part of Friends that hasn’t held up well over time and doesn’t sit well with fans.

Joey’s Role as the Alpha Male

When we talk about how Friends uses stereotypes, the die-hard fans don’t like how Joey is portrayed as a “manly man” in a way that isn’t true. Joey, Ross, and Chandler’s doubts are based on the idea that men should be rugged and robust. The first one fits the old-fashioned idea of an alpha male who was handsome, strong and didn’t take no for an answer. On the other hand, the last two have a hard time keeping these traits all the way through.

Unbelievable Stories

Many things that make Friends unrealistic are Monica and Rachel’s huge purple-walled apartment. Joey’s lack of money and, most importantly, the show’s lack of diversity.

The Apartment With No One

Fans also wonder why the show’s creators put Monica and Chandler’s big move in the last episode. The characters’ stories should have ended, but it’s hard to understand why Mondler left their apartment on the day they took their babies home.

Joey was the least fleshed-out character, and his story was never finished.

Since so much work went into finishing the stories of the other characters. It was not fair to leave Joey’s story unfinished. Also, his growth and change as a person were nowhere to be seen by the end. As he headed toward Flanderization, he became a ghost of his former self.

How the Naked Neighbor Was Treated

Monica’s neighbour across the street was a nudist is another thing that still makes people talk. The group followed him around, called him names like “Ugly” and “Naked,” and made fun of his weight until he left the show. The character turned into a person with no goals and slept all day.

How Janice Was Treated

Even though fans were glad to see Chandler‘s on-again, off-again girlfriend, Janice, it was disappointing to see her turn into a joke. She is a character that everyone likes, despite her loud laugh. The gang never really explained why they were mean to her.

Fans of Friends will never see a year in the show’s life.

Fans also have to deal with the fact that there will never be a scripted Friends reunion episode. The show’s developers, David Crane and Marta Kauffman, said no too many times. And the unscripted Friends: The Reunion in 2021 ended those hopes for good.

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