9 Episodes of FRIENDS that Are Just ICONIC

9. “The One With Ross’s Wedding: Part 2.”

One of the best and most shocking things about Friends was seeing Chandler and Monica in bed. It was out of the blue, but they are a good match. Every time they try to get away after the wedding doesn’t work out, something happens that stops them from going again. On tour, Rachel talks about why Ross said her name all the time. Joey has to talk to Chandler on the plane when he and Monica plan to meet in the bathroom. It’s so funny.

8. When Joey talks in French

In this episode, not only does Joey try to get Phoebe to try to teach him French, but Monica and Chandler think their child’s father is a killer, too. Fun fact: Lisa Kudrow’s husband is from France, too.

7. “The One With Princess Consuela.”

In my opinion, Phoebe and Mike have the best relationship on the show, and I think it’s a shame that people don’t like it more. People call each other by their new names to show this. Besides Princess Consuela Banana Hammock and Crap Bag, who else would say they were them?

6. “The One in which Paul is the Man.”

The idea of having Bruce Willis in an episode is excellent enough, but watching him talk about himself in the mirror? Amazing! That’s even better. If the guys had said something about how he looked like “the guy from Die Hard,” I think it would have been funny.

5. “The one with Ross’s tanned face.”

It looks like Ross can’t stay out of trouble, no matter what. Seeing Monica’s spray tan makes him want to get one. It’s not good when he starts to count. There are one Mississippi and two Mississippi.

4. “The One with Ross’s Teeth,”

Ross can’t seem to get a break again. He gets a very dark spray tan one day and white teeth the next, right before his date, who happens to have a lot of blacklights in the house where she lives. We can say for sure that they didn’t go on another date.

3. “The one where everyone finds out about it.”

There are several talks about lousy timing. It turns out that Ross’ best friend, Chandler, is having an affair with Ross’ little sister, Monica. He finds out when his old boss comes to check on him and see if he can come back to work. If I had to choose, I think Phoebe’s reaction and then trying to hide it from Ross are funny. Or when Phoebe and Chandler try to fake seduce each other to see who can make the other person break first, like in the movie.

2. In this case, “The One Hundredth.”

Three babies have to be born, but Phoebe’s doctor only talks about his love for Fonzie. Yeah, I wouldn’t want to hear about that labor story either. Even though Frank Jr. is the funniest person in this episode, he’s not the only one. From meeting Frank Jr. Jr. for the first time to learning that Chandler is a girl, this episode is both heartfelt and funny at the same time.

1. “The One with the Red Sweater” is last.

This episode of Friends has to be my favorite. Why is Joey so angry? Because it always takes him a little longer than the rest of the group to figure out what something is, it’s worth the wait when he does. This is what he finds: The sweater of the guy Rachel went out with about a month ago (the night that Emma was conceived.) Because Ross owns it. In this episode, it is also clear that Monica and Chandler are a great couple. “Have you kissed another woman? “Did you open all of our wedding gifts before I did?” “Can I call it even?” “Okay!” Just watch this episode. It has a lot of good quotes.

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