9 Reasons Why Rachel And Gunther Should’ve Been the End Game

People who watch Friends think that Gunther would have been a good partner for Rachel. Because he loved her so much, he hoped one day she would see him the same way. People who work together know each other well and have put a lot of effort into it. Then, in most cases, it’s hard to move from a business-like setting to a romantic one. That’s why their equation would have been different from the norm.

It would have been a lot better for them if they had taken advantage of each other’s strengths and found the right mix of personality traits that worked best for them. Though Gunther’s feelings were played for laughs, it has now been made clear to fans that wasting their romantic chances was a big mistake for them. Here’s why they were meant to be together.

Co-workers who are nice

Rachel and Gunther were able to go from being strangers to working together as friends very quickly. In the end, it didn’t change their relationship at all. He’d always come up to her and remind her if she needed extra training. They didn’t change their relationship at all.

Expectations that are based on facts

Before Rachel moved to New York City, she had a friend named Gunther who was there with her. A wet bride stormed into the Central Perk cafe. He’d also seen her at her best, like when she was a fashion executive, a single mom, and a great friend.

Gunther would have made Rachel’s time after work more fun.

When Rachel started working in the fashion industry, the cafe was no longer Rachel’s workplace but a place where she could relax with a good cup of coffee and hang out with her friends, too. She and her friends had the best times at Central Perk. She would often come over after work to talk about things.

Work-Life Balance was able to be reached.

Ross and Rachel are by far the worst couple on a sitcom. When Rachel got a big job, she didn’t have time to spend with him.

Because Gunther was so in love, this is how it should be said: Rachel

Gunther would have been happy to see Rachel live a different life, but Ross would have been freaked out. Even more, that man would have gone the extra mile to make sure she felt supported during her first few weeks working at Bloomingdales.

They evened each other out.

Ride the waves of your relationship to keep things in balance, and you’ll be happy you did it! This wasn’t hard at all with Gunther and Rachel’s personalities.

When Rachel saw him, she thought he was very cute.

This is what Monica told Rachel to do in “The One With All the Kissing.” Monica pointed to Gunther and asked Rachel if she thought he was cute when she asked. The answer was a yes.

As Rachel grew up, her priorities changed.

Rachel’s 30th birthday marked her full adulthood. The fact that she was 30 was a big deal to her, and she started to want to stay in the same place. It was also clear to her that she wanted to get married. The only problem was that she had not yet met the man of her dreams.

Gunther was the person who wasn’t in the group.

A man named Gunther was a lot of fun to be around, and he made a lot of funny jokes in the show. His unique perspectives and sharp humor would have made Monica’s apartment look great every time he came over, making it a lot more fun.

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