ans Voted for The Most Hated Episode of ‘Friends’, and It’s Surprising!

Ross and Rachel’s tumultuous relationship is depicted in some of “Friends’” best and worst episodes.

The 10-season NBC sitcom follows Rachel, Ross, Phoebe, Monica, Chandler, and Joey as they fall in and out of love in New York City.

Fans rated 235 of the 236 episodes on IMDb to see which ones were the most hated and loved. “Friends” episodes are generally rated between an 8 and a 9 on a scale of 1-10, with an overall show rating of 8.9/10.

The worst episode of “Friends” according to viewers is “The One With the Invitation” (season four, episode 21), which received a 7.2/10 rating.

‘The One With the Invitation’ is a clip show starring Ross and Rachel.

As Ross and Emily plan their upcoming wedding, the episode takes place in the middle of the show’s run and begins setting its characters up for a season finale in London.

Ross reminisces about his and Rachel’s ups and downs as a couple after the engaged couple debates whether Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) should be on the guest list.

Later, as everyone receives their wedding invitations, Rachel takes a similar trip down memory lane.

Despite being the most despised episode, it has a few redeeming qualities.

When it isn’t looking back at Ross and Rachel’s best and worst moments as a couple, has a few new and touching scenes to share.

After a flash of nostalgia, Ross decides to send Rachel a wedding invitation, demonstrating that he still cares about her. Rachel has an emotional conversation with Monica at the end of the episode about how difficult it would be to see Ross marry.

Ross and Rachel’s conflict over accepting the wedding invitation marks a new turning point in their relationship, demonstrating that they still love each other despite everything they’ve been through.

‘The One Where Everyone Finds Out’ and ‘The Last One: Part Two’, on the other hand, are tied for the most popular episodes.

In “The one in which everyone discovers,” Ross tries to move into the apartment across the street after their next-door neighbour, “Ugly Naked Guy,” vacates it.

While Rachel, Ross, and Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) are looking around the space. Phoebe notices Chandler (Matthew Perry) and Monica hooking up. When Rachel, Phoebe, and Joey (Matt LeBlanc) learn about Chandler and Monica’s secret relationship, Phoebe decides to flirt with Chandler.

‘The one in which everyone discovers’ is a popular comedy and a pivotal episode for Chandler and Monica.

As everyone learns about Chandler and Monica’s secret, comedic situational irony emerges as the friends exploit who knows what.

“The One Where Everyone Finds Out” also perfectly captures the ensemble’s personalities. Highlighting Monica’s obsession with winning while also playing into Joey’s upbeat demeanour as he begs everyone to get along.

Kudrow, in particular, shines as Phoebe, who is gleefully attempting to deceive the couple as she and Chandler go head-to-head.

As Phoebe and Chandler play an escalating game of chicken to see who will crack first. At the end of the episode, Chandler finally puts an end to it by telling Monica that he loves her.

‘The Last One: Part Two,’ according to viewers, brought the long-running sitcom to a satisfying conclusion.

Ross and Phoebe rush to the airport in “The Last One: Part Two,” the show’s finale episode. To prevent Rachel from leaving for Paris after Ross realises he loves her too much to let her go.

Meanwhile, Monica prepares to move out of her apartment and adores her newly adopted twins. Chandler and Joey bond across the hall as they search for the baby duck. And baby chicken that Joey gave him as a going-away gift.

From Joey and Chandler’s on-screen adventure to Rachel’s emotional delivery of the line. There’s a lot to love about this show. The finale delivers plenty of highs for fans. “I disembarked from the aircraft.”


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