Fans of FRIENDS Chose Disney Replicas of Their Favorite Characters From the Show and We Love It!

The characters on Friends are easy to recognize and describe because they play themselves up for laughs. That’s the same way Disney brings its cartoon characters to life in its movies. But if the characters from Friends were to move to the Disney world, who would play them?

Phoebe – The Genie

Phoebe Buffay is a character who is definitely out of the ordinary. She is unique and has a strange personality. She stays in her little world, which lets her say some of the series’s most bizarre and funniest things.

Mike – Baloo

When Mike joined Friends, he was a big hit because Paul Rudd brought all of his usual charm and humor to the role. Mike is a great character who knows what he’s doing and has a kind and caring heart, but he’s also happy to let loose and be silly.

Chandler – Olaf

Two funny people are great at putting people at ease and can always be counted on to make things less stressful. Chandler is one of the funniest people in Friends. He often says witty one-liners or asks funny questions.

Wilbur and Janice

In Friends, Janice is the one person everyone loves to hate. She is a very annoying character, but that’s on purpose; that’s how she’s meant to be. Janice’s loud voice and famous cackle let everyone know when she walks into a room.

Richard – Quasimodo

Like Quasimodo, Richard doesn’t get the girl. However, during his time with Monica, he shows that he is a very kind and caring person. He was one of the minor characters who had an enormous effect on the show, mostly because he was so lovely.

Snow White – Monica

Monica is an actual princess and is one of the most well-known people on Friends. She always cares about other people and makes sure they are happy and satisfied, just like Snow White cares about the seven dwarfs.


Dopey is the best dwarf to go against Joey when it comes to dwarfs. Dopey is not a ladies’ man like Joey, but he is also not the most intelligent person in the group like Joey is shown to be on Friends.

Toby – Gunther

Gunther and Toby aren’t the main characters, but that doesn’t mean they can’t steal the show whenever they show up. Gunther works hard and is always ready to bring you a cup of coffee. But he is also shy, which is shown by the fact that he can’t tell Rachel how he feels.

Ross – George Darling

George Darling is not one of Disney’s most famous characters. He is, however, Ross Geller’s perfect opponent. George has a lot of trouble with anger, but he never gets violent. But, like Ross, he gets angry very quickly.

Rachel – Jasmine, the princess

Rachel was the nation’s sweetheart during Friends because she was so bright. She was getting a job resulting from giving up a life of luxury and wealth to live a “normal” life. And it was the things she had to do that made people respect her. Because of this, Princess Jasmine is one of the most well-known Disney princesses.

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