Courteney Cox, Johnny McDaid “Getting Married”?

Are Courteney Cox and Johnny McDaid, who have been together for a long time, finally getting married? One tabloid is putting out this story this week. Gossip Cop looks into things.

Is This the Start of the “Wedding Countdown” for Courteney Cox and Johnny McDaid?

This week’s issue of Woman’s Day says that after years of dating, Courteney Cox and Johnny McDaid are finally getting married. The report says that the couple were engaged in 2014 but broke up a year later because they couldn’t decide where to live. But the news source says the pandemic has given the couple a new outlook, and they’re ready to marry as soon as possible.

An insider told the tabloid, “last year, they didn’t see each other for nine months.” FaceTime calls and Zoom dates had to do, but it wasn’t the same. She flew to Northern Ireland for Christmas but had to stay in quarantine for the first 10 days. But now that Cox’s daughter Coco is staying with him for the summer, he can jump back across the pond. CoCo will be 18 next year, so Cox will be free to live wherever she wants with anyone.

The insider says, “Johnny and Courteney Cox can hardly believe that their long wait is almost over and that they will soon be able to be together properly.” They’ve been talking about plans for Johnny’s wedding. He wants to get married in Northern Ireland. Since this is her second wedding and Johnny’s first, she will let him make the decisions. They’ve both agreed that they want a small church wedding followed by a big party.” The tabloid says that Cox has already asked Jennifer Aniston, who plays Rachel on Friends, to be her maid of honor.

Courteney Cox and Johnny McDaid to Have an “A-List” Wedding?

So, is Courteney Cox finally getting married to Johnny McDaid? Even though anything is possible, we don’t think so. Aside from what “insiders” are said to have told the outlet. There is no proof of what the couple is supposedly planning to do. Cox and McDaid might intend to get married in the future, but there’s nothing to show that they’re making any plans right now. Also, if the details were so public that the tabloid knew who was invited, wouldn’t other, more reliable sources be writing about it? There have been no reliable reports of Cox’s supposed plans, so we can be sure this one is a lie. Courteney Cox herself said that it doesn’t matter if they have a ceremony or not because she already feels like they’re married in her heart.

The Tabloid on Wedding Plans for Celebrities

Woman’s Day has been caught lying about celebrity weddings before by Gossip Cop. In 2019, a tabloid said Cox and McDaid were getting married without Jennifer Aniston. Then, the magazine said that Keanu Reeves had a surprise wedding that no one knew about. And just recently, the outlet noted that Jennifer Lopez was telling people that she and Ben Affleck were engaged. When it comes to celebrity weddings, it’s clear that this tabloid doesn’t care much about the truth.

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