Courteney Cox Says Modern Sitcoms are NOT Funny Anymore

Courteney Cox thinks modern sitcoms aren’t that funny, so she doesn’t like them. It was on a recent podcast that the 57-year-old, who played Monica Geller in the popular US show, said that she had a daughter. Variety interviewed Courteney about how she was afraid to star in another show because she came from a show that was so well-known.

A few years ago, she said, “I don’t find sitcoms as funny as they used to be. The sitcom I come from is so well-known that it still stands the test of time. It’s so funny, and it was so relatable to everyone. As a follow-up, she said, “I’d be terrified to do another sitcom because I don’t want to be compared to Friends again.”

In her new TV show, Shining Vale, Courteney will play Pat Phelps. Pat used to be a wild child, but now she’s famous for writing raunchy books about female empowerment. She was caught cheating on her husband, and people don’t like that.

The episodes will follow the family as they move from the city to a small town and into a house where terrible things have happened in the past. She talked about the pressures her co-star Matthew Perry had to deal with while on the show “Friends.”

When she talked to the Sunday Times, she said he “struggled for a while.” She also talked about the reunion in 2021, which has been a long time coming. Matthew’s speech was slurred when fans tuned in, and he looked lonely when he talked to host James Corden and the rest of the cast.

At one point, the actor said that he had been desperate to get feedback from the live audience when he played Chandler Bing in the show Friends, filmed in front of a real audience. If a joke didn’t work for him, “I felt like I would die.” He explained how he’d “freak out” when one fell flat.

“That was a lot of pressure he put on himself,” Courteney said in the Sunday Times. A lot to think about how much he depended on that for his own sense of worth. During those 10 years, I went through a lot of different things. “It was a good thing that I fell into the show.”

As Courteney talked about her close relationship with Jennifer and Lisa, she said: “We just get along so well.” We have a lot of history together, and we laugh. I think Lisa’s laugh is the most infectious one I’ve ever heard. It’s cute. We talk about important things, but we also have a lot of fun.

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