Crazy Analysis: If Friends and HIMYM were from the same universe…

Images of scenes from Friends and How I Met Your Mother have been made into memes. Christina Pickles, who played Judy Geller and Rita Aldrin on both shows, was in both of them and said the following: The question: Is Lily Monica’s or Chandler’s child if she’s their grandma?

I went a lot further than that. They might be in the same universe, but let’s not think about some facts (like the names of the Friends actors who also played in HIMYM and Lily’s father).

For example, Judy was Monica and Lily’s grandmother, so she would be Lily’s mom and her mom’s mom.

Cristine Rose, who played Bitsy Hannigan and Virginia Mosby, would be the mother of Mike and Ted. This is because she played both roles. Mike and Ted would then be brothers.

They broke up with the same girl on her birthday. Weird, right? Precious, Mike’s girlfriend in Season 10 Episode 1, was played by Anne Dudek, who played the role on the show. She played Natalie in two episodes of HIMYM: episode 4 of season 1 and episode 18 of season 5. She broke up with both of her boyfriends on the day of her birthday.

Randall (Thomas Lennon), the man with Joey’s twin hand, was in episode 22 of Season 5 (Las Vegas). Do you remember that episode? His girlfriend, Victoria, was going to marry him. Before she moved to Germany, he had a crush on her.

As a news producer, Claudia (Monique Edwards), who worked with Chandler in Tulsa, also worked with Robin, who worked for Robin.

During the time that Janice started working as a real estate broker. She gave the house to Marshall and Lily. She sold it to them.

When we talk about Sherri Shepherd, we have to talk about Rhonda (Sherri Shepherd). No, I don’t remember her. When Joey worked at the museum, he worked with that woman. They were tour guides at the museum. In the car, Marshall and Rhonda rode with each other after Rhonda was kicked off the plane with him because of Marshall.

Crazy, isn’t it? hahaha. You might not like both, but I do. Despite the fact that Friends is my favourite show, Anyway, I hope you liked it.

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