Did You Know Ross was NOT Meant To Say Rachel at the Alter? Here’s the full story!

Rachel’s boss had an English niece named Emily Waltham, and Helen Baxendale played the role. During the fourth season, Emily starts a relationship with Ross. They rapidly become romantically involved and decide to wed in London after overcoming several challenges, such as antagonistic parents and a broken church.  But things take a turn for the worst when Ross makes the Freudian slip at the altar when he says,

 “I take thee, Rachel,” instead of “I take thee, Emily…” 

One of the most significant turning points in the Ross and Rachel saga was when he uttered her name while they were at the altar.
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It appears that Ross did not intend to pronounce the name Rachel. After saying this, Ross destroys all chance that he and Emily could ever have a happy married life together. A supporter of the show has shared an interview on Instagram in which a writer confesses that the event was never meant to occur at any point. The author stated that:

“We had no idea how things were going to wrap up. It was difficult to understand, and we could not find a solution.”

Then there was another time David Schwimmer strolled into the room during a recording session. He was meant to tell her, “I have the cab waiting downstairs, Emily.” However, he entered the room and said, “I have the cab waiting for you, Rachel.”

David Schwimmer expressed his remorse by saying, “Shoot, sorry, let me start again.” The author stated, “and then he ran out, and then we kind of went, which is kind of the way it should go.”

Ross and Emily Were Better than Ross and Rachel

The iconic sitcom duo had a very toxic relationship throughout the entirety of the show, and Ross and Rachel almost didn’t end up together. Ross and Rachel almost didn’t end up together, whereas Ross and Emily’s relationship was balanced and loving, even though every stage of it was extremely rushed. Emily’s jealousy toward Ross was utterly understandable when he called Rachel by the wrong name; nonetheless, it was clear that she did not trust him at this point. If he hadn’t called Rachel, the marriage would have continued pleasantly.

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