Every ‘Friends’ Actor Starred in the Worst Movies Ever

Many people think that NBC’s ‘Friends’, which ran from 1994 to 2004, was one of the best sitcoms ever.

Remember that this list was correct when it was published, but it could change in the future.

Matt LeBlanc – “Ed” (1996)

Two years after his first role as Joey Tribbiani on “Friends,” Matt LeBlanc starred in a comedy with a baseball-playing chimp.

“Zoom” by Courteney Cox (2006)

” Is an action movie about a group of kids training to be superheroes.

“The Whole Ten Yards” by Matthew Perry (2003)

People liked how Matthew Perry played Chandler Bing, but his acting career hasn’t always gone well. Critics say Perry’s worst movie didn’t come out until 2003, before “Friends” ended.

“‘Til There Was You” by Jennifer Aniston (1997)

Jennifer Aniston, who played Rachel Green on “Friends,” did not star in the 1997 romantic comedy “Til There Was You,” which is now thought to be her worst film.

Lisa Kudrow – “Marci X” (2003)

In “Marci X,” Lisa Kudrow, who played Phoebe Buffay on “Friends,” plays the daughter of a record label owner who is a socialite and must convince a rapper named Dr. S (Damon Wayans) to change his reputation.

“Halloween: The Fate of Michael Myers” with Paul Rudd (1995).

He has over 100 IMDb credits as an actor from the last few decades. Mike, Phoebe’s husband, was played by Paul Rudd. Even though he always looked very young.

David Schwimmer – “Since You’ve Been Gone” (1998)

After “Friends” ended, David Schwimmer, who played Ross Geller, directed and acted in a made-for-TV romantic comedy with Teri Hatcher and Lara Flynn Boyle. It’s about a group of high school friends getting together for a reunion.

Maggie Wheeler – “The Parent Trap” (1998)

Maggie Wheeler, who played Chandler’s famous on-again, off-again girlfriend Janice, has done something very unusual: the movie with the lowest rating on Rotten Tomatoes is also the highest rating.

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