Fan-Ignored Secrets About Joey and Chandler’s Apartment

Joey and Chandler’s Apartment is recognizable to each friend’s fan. How well do you know the subtleties of the spot? In that multitude of viewings, the unobtrusive comedic contacts that are layered throughout the show are barely noticeable. An incredible model is a lot of things in Chandler and Joey’s loft that even the ravenous watchers of Friends might not have taken note of.

Everybody recollects the amusement community that Joey constructed, the foosball table rather than a kitchen table, the goliath white canine, and the film noir banner. In any case, significantly more secret subtleties leap out after you’ve watched a scene a couple of times. Whenever Friends is on, keep your eyes open for these ten hidden insights regarding Chandler and Joey’s loft.

Every time you look, the Magna Doodle has changed.

Fan-Ignored Secrets About Joey and Chandler's Apartment

Watchers might have disregarded the Magna Doodle that holds tight the rear of Chandler and Joey’s front entryway as an improvement. Yet, the little load-up consistently held pictures or messages that changed every scene and inside a set. It showed up in season 3 and surprisingly moved with Chandler and Joey when they exchanged condos with Monica and Rachel. At least a couple of times, Joey was directive to call some young lady, and after 9/11, there were regular recognitions for NYC and FDNY on the load up. Seeing what’s on the board in every scene is a pleasant Easter egg.

Joey and Chandler’s Apartment Numbers keep Changing In each episode.

Fan-Ignored Secrets About Joey and Chandler's Apartment
Joey and Chandler’s Apartment

When Friends started, Chandler and Joey lived in condo number 4, but by the middle of the first season, their number changed to 19. The same thing happened at Monica and Rachel’s condo, but the number of times it happened ranged from 5 to 20. The result seems that the showrunners needed to make it seem like they were on a higher floor, but they don’t do that very often. When viewers notice this small detail, they are left to think about it.

Meat Good


During season 4 of Friends, extremely observant watchers might have seen that Joey and Chandler, out of nowhere, had two microwaves. There are countless inquiries regarding this. Why two microwaves, folks? Everybody realizes Joey loves food, so it’s not unrealistic that he may require two microwaves to eat more quickly. On the other hand, one of the microwaves possibly broke, and the wrecked one stayed nearby for some time until they disposed of it. The two situations are similarly conceivable with Joey and Chandler.

Ms Chandler Bong

                                                                   Ms Chandler Bong

Chandler and Joey bet Monica and Rachel in season 4 on who knew each other best. They trade lofts in season 4’s best scene to settle a bet. Monica tears up Chandler and Joey’s rug to see her attic hardwood. The already soft earthy rug is that natural ’70s tangled-down shag that seems to fit into all condos after the carpet effortlessly is hardwood for the rest of the seasons.

What’s In The Oven

Fan-Ignored Secrets About Joey and Chandler's Apartment

In the show’s final scene, Joey gives Chandler and Monica a duck and a chick he raised. A wink and a nod to the days when Chandler and Joey shared their home with a duck and a chick. Fans who pay close attention have spotted an extremely peculiar item on Joey’s stove. It is impossible to determine how or why it came to be in the furnace. Watching out for this moving toy is a great way to pass the time in this game.

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