Friends: 10 Characters Who Deserved To Be The 7th Friend

When you look at the hugely popular TV show Friends, it’s easy to see that its success was due to the close relationships between the many characters. Even though they would have a lot of fights with each other in the future, they always found a way to get past it and become even stronger. However, one could argue that it would have been better if they had added a seventh friend. Even though the result of this series was fantastic, there will always be questions about this subject.


He was seen in all episodes, but he was never really a part of the group. However, he followed their adventures because he was very interested in them at the coffee shop.


Janice was one of the side characters that fans of this show liked the most. Even though she never had a real relationship with Chandler, it would have been great to have her on the show because she was so funny.


Mike was added to the series late, but he turned out great. The audience loved how he was with Phoebe and eventually married her.


Even though she broke Ross’s heart, it would have made sense for Carol to be friends with the group in the long run. This was because she had given birth to Ross’s son, Ben. So, it would have been acceptable to have her around and give her a more significant part.


Eddie becoming the seventh friend might have been a stretch since he was completely crazy.


Even though Richard and Monica’s relationship didn’t work out, he could have been an excellent addition to the group of friends. Keep in mind that they were all young and could have used the help of an older person when things got hard.


Will was Ross’s best friend in high school, so it would have made sense for him to be a friend to the rest of the group. But he would have had to stop being angry at Rachel for that to happen.


Dina was a young person who could have used a little help. So, it would have been great for her story if she had joined the group as the seventh friend. Joey and the rest of the group could have been good for her.


Since Ben is Ross’s son, he should have been shown more. Ben would eventually stop being in the show as it went on. Still, it has been great to see him used differently, especially since he ended up with a half-sister.


Frank would have been a lot of fun to watch in a more prominent part. As he was funny in the short time, he was on the show. Phoebe would have liked having him around more, too, as he might have been the only member of her family who was always there for her.

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