Friends: 10 Plot Holes That Aren’t Actually Plot Holes

Chandler and Rachel’s repeated first-time introduction seem glaringly obvious, other smaller details like the door numbers for their apartments changing might not be as noticeable to occasional viewers. The real question is are any of these supposed inaccuracies actually addressed? They’re often-referenced Friends plot holes that seem baffling, but actually make complete sense in terms of continuity.

Monica’s Apartment

Matt-LeBlanc-Courteney-Cox-Matthew-Perry-Lisa-Kudrow-as-Joey-Monica-Chandler-Phoebe-in-Friends-Monicas-Apartment.jpg (740×370)
Naturally, the casual viewer of Friends would certainly roll their eyes at the idea of a mid to late twenty-something being able to afford a nice and spacious apartment like the one Monica Geller lives in throughout the series. Still, this seemingly unrealistic circumstance is actually addressed a couple of times in the episodes “The One With The Flashback” and “The One With The Ballroom Dancing.”

The Chick & The Duck

Lisa-Kudrow-as-Phoebe-in-Friends-The-Chick-And-The-Duck.jpg (740×370)
The adorable twosome known as the chick and the duck were pets owned by Chandler and Joey, but after season 6, the feathery buddies physically disappeared from the screen, (though they did get brief references by other characters a few times afterward.)

Chandler & Rachel

Matthew-Perry-Jennifer-Aniston-David-Schwimmer-Courteney-Cox-as-Chandler-Rachel-Ross-Monica-in-Friends-Chandler-And-Rachel.jpg (740×370)
The repeated first-time meetings between Chandler Bing and Rachel Green might seem like the ultimate unsolved mystery to Friends fans, but apparently, it isn’t the giant plot hole it appears to be. In the commentary for the show, creator Kevin Bright says that this isn’t a mistake, but rather a reflection of Chandler and Rachel’s changing physical appearance.

The Couch

Matthew-Perry-Jennifer-Aniston-David-Schwimmer-Courteney-Cox-as-Chandler-Rachel-Ross-Monica-in-Friends-The-Couch.jpg (740×370)
What are the odds that someone could always get their favorite spot at the local coffee shop? Fans have pointed out this plot hole as seemingly unrealistic considering that the Central Perk was clearly popular, and it’s highly unlikely that a comfortable couch and coffee table set up would remain open almost every single time the friends went to the shop.

Phoebe’s Apartment

Jennifer-Aniston-Lisa-Kudrow-as-Rachel-Phoebe-in-Friends-Phoebes-Apartment.jpg (740×370)
Similar to her friend Monica, Phoebe Buffay lives in the same apartment throughout the entire series run. So how did Phoebe afford her cozy-looking New York apartment? It’s known that Phoebe is a masseuse and that her work wasn’t always consistent, so how exactly could she afford her apartment?

The Best She Ever Had

Jennifer-Aniston-Courteney-Cox-as-Rachel-Monica-in-Friends-The-Best-She-Ever-Had.jpg (740×370)
Throughout the series, there’s a running gag that roommates Chandler and Joey are complete opposites sexually. Joey is supposed to be the sexy one that’s good in bed and gets all the women. While Chandler is meant to be the funny guy who’s completely awkward and clueless about what women want. When he and Monica secretly start dating, Rachel brings up a comment Monica told her about her secret boyfriend being the best sex she ever had.

Ross’s Sensitivity

Freddie-Prinze-Jr.-David-Schwimmer-as-Sandy-Ross-in-Friends-Rosss-Sensitivity-.jpg (740×370)
In season 9’s episode “The One with the Male Nanny” Ross’s behavior towards Sandy is pretty awful, and ultimately he pushes to fire him as Emma’s nanny simply because he finds Sandy to be too sensitive and not manly enough.

Frank Jr.

Giovanni-Ribisi-Lisa-Kudrow-as-Frank-jr.-Phoebe-in-Friends-Frank-Jr.jpg (740×370)
While it’s considered to be an inconsistency by some Friends fans, the early appearance of Frank Jr. (then credited as Condom Boy) isn’t really the plot hole people think it is. Viewers first see actor Giovanni Ribisi in season 2’s “The One with the Baby on the Bus.”  Where he briefly appears to retrieve the condom he accidentally dropped in Phoebe’s guitar case.


Lisa-Kudrow-as-Phoebe-in-Friends-Denise.jpg (740×370)
In season 6’s “The One with Ross’ Denial” Phoebe reveals that she has a roommate named Denise who no one has apparently ever heard of despite Phoebe’s insistence that she talks about Denise all the time. Many fans have even questioned if she was real.


Matt-LeBlanc-as-Joey-in-Friends-Joey.jpg (740×370)
Throughout the series, the goofy actor never seemed to struggle with finding a romantic partner, and in the later seasons. He also seemed to become serious about wanting something more than casual dating. So why was his ending left so up in the air?

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