FRIENDS: 10 Plotlines That Never Happened But Could Have

Friends is a popular show with many well-known storylines, like Chandler and Monica’s secret, which turned to love, Rachel and Ross’ “we were on a break,” Phoebe and Mike, and Joey’s acting career-changing all the time.

10. The Richard And Monica Story

It was so cute when Monica got down on one knee and proposed to Chandler, and both of them were crying. Fans will never forget that adorable moment. But it’s interesting to see Monica run to Richard and tell him that she wasn’t sure about it. Monica would have been interesting to see if she had the moment of doubt before proposing to Chandler that she told Chandler she didn’t have. This story could have gone a lot further, but not enough to make Chandler disappear. After all, they had a lot in common.

9. It’s about Joey and Rachel.

As you know, fans didn’t like this storyline, so it did not go further. But this couple could have gone a lot farther. Joey told Rachel that he loved her in a way that wasn’t easy for him. It was weird to see how they had to start over when their storyline ended abruptly. When the show was on TV, this would have opened up a lot of new things for it.

8. The possible story of Joey and Phoebe

These two have had many cute things happen to them, not just kisses. The fans saw how well Phoebe and Joey knew each other when he found out that Phoebe was her twin sister, Ursula. As time goes on, fans still think that the two should have been together.

7. The Entire Ben, Carol, And Ross Story

This storyline was short-lived, but it was never wholly dropped. The day that Ross married Emily, he seriously thought about moving in with Emily because their wedding took place in England, which is where they live now. If Ross wanted to be in Ben’s life, there was a chance that he could bring Carol and Ben to England with him so that they could live there. This didn’t happen, but it was a shame because Ross and Emily’s story didn’t last very long.

6. The Story Of How Rachel And Monica Lost Touch

Rachel and Monica had a lot of fun together when they were young. However, they broke up after high school until Rachel came into Central Perk in a wedding dress. It would have been interesting to see how their friendship ended when they went to high school. If it had been more realistic, it could have shown fans that companies aren’t always what they seem to be.

5. In Paris, Rachel and Emma will meet up with their friend Emma.

Before the show was over, Rachel said she had got a new job in Paris. She and Emma would have to move there with her. It would be interesting for the fans to see her taking care of herself and Emma in a different country. Because Rachel got off the plane and went to Ross, it was cute.

4. The story of Rachel and Gunther is called that.

With this storyline, some fans might have seen a darker side to Gunther, which they didn’t know before. They were supposed to move in together. You might not have known that. They could have had a relationship because Gunther was in love with Rachel, but we don’t see how this would have worked out. As long as it doesn’t get in the way of the Rachel and Ross story, the idea is still interesting.

3. Ross’s girlfriend at college and her pregnancy

Do you remember Ross’s College Student Girlfriend, Elizabeth? The two would have continued their relationship, and she would be pregnant in the alternate storyline. The writers reconsidered it and chose Rachel to get pregnant with Ross’s child. However, it is now unimaginable what would have happened if Elizabeth had been pregnant with Ross’s child.

2. Chandler And Rachel’s Past

True fans will remember the flashbacks of Chandler and Rachel’s storyline. Chandler kissed Rachel the same night that Ross kissed his sister accidentally. Chandler had something for Rachel, and Rachel did too. In the episode “The One With The Flashback,” Rachel was daydreaming about having a steamy session with Chandler. These moments left fans thinking about how they would be if they had dated.

1. The Monica And Joey Story

After Monica and Chandler found their happily-ever-after together, it was revealed that Monica was looking for Joey to hook up at Ross and Emily’s wedding. However, she went for Chandler instead because he was already there. Later we saw that Monica didn’t just settle for Chandler when they fell in love and married. But it would have been intriguing to see what would have happened if Joey had been there at that moment.

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