Friends: 10 Scenes Where Gunther Was The Funniest Character

James Michael Tyler, famous for his role as Gunther on Friends for ten seasons and who made us all laugh, died earlier today after a long battle with cancer. While we mourn his passing, it seems a good time to reflect on some of his more brilliant performances!

He was taking the trash out in front of Central Perk and getting caught. Thanks to his razor-sharp one-liners and quick-witted retorts, Gunther was the star of every scene he was in.

When you can walk out the front door with your trash, why would anyone want to go through a disgusting alley in New York? Gunther’s most relatable moment is when he takes a shortcut in life.

The moment when we were able to hear his inner thoughts.


How would you know if you were about to ask someone out, only to have another person do it for you? We’d have to “drop a cup” to save face.

In the context of Phoebe’s inappropriate date, he said exactly what everyone was thinking.


That’s not saying much, considering how few words he used.

His reaction to Joshua’s refusal to accept Rachel’s offer.


Gunther was always correct regarding Rachel’s dates, so we’re on board with him.

As soon as we discovered his multilingualism, he humiliated Ross in ways he’d never experienced.


In every interaction between Ross and Gunther, there was a lot of shade and beauty. In addition to bringing us down a notch or two in our estimation of Ross, “Ezel” gave us a rare glimpse into Gunther’s personal life.

His explanations for Rachel’s need for retraining failed.


A club called The Tray Spot would be a good name in Rachel’s defence.

Because he had a sexy-voice cold, Phoebe leaned in and kissed him.


Because Phoebe was the only one who could kiss Gunther.

When he left Joey in charge to get his hair dyed


We’ve all done it, so let’s be honest: we’ve all skipped work to go to the hairdresser.

Because it didn’t go as he had planned when he offered Rachel his apartment.


If you listen closely, Gunther’s heart can be heard breaking into a million pieces.

When he revealed how little he paid attention to the gang.

Aside from Rachel, Gunther didn't seem to give a damn about anyone else in that group.

Aside from Rachel, Gunther didn’t seem to give a damn about anyone else in that group.

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