Friends: 10 Hidden Details You Missed in Chandler and Joey’s Apartment

Joey and Chandler lived in a chaotic apartment with a lot of nonsense surrounding it. Maybe because apartment 4 (or was it 19 ?) was a hot mess of speckled walls, the immovable Rosita, a broken door, and illegally kept pet birds. No wonder Monica and Rachel tricked the boys into giving up their purple-walled sanctuary.

Rent Affordability

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To this day, Friends gets a lot of flak for showing unemployed/ low-paid characters living in huge apartments. Like Monica and Rachel’s massive apartment, Chandler and Joey’s pad was highly unrealistic.

Joey Forgets His Phone Number

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Chandler and Joey’s last night as roommates in apartment 19 also becomes an opportunity for the former to walk the latter through adulting. They cover topics like paying the rent, the phone bill, and the electricity bill.

The Toilet Moves

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It also appears that Chandler and Joey’s toilet changes its position with the changing episodes. In season 5’s “The One Where Phoebe Hates PBS,” the open bathroom door reveals vacant space from the ceramic bathtub. However, in the next episode, Joey falls asleep on the toilet, which is positioned right next to the door.

Giving Names To Decor

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When Rachel tries to move Joey’s Barcalounger from their living room to make space for the couch, she learns he has named their apartment decor. The reclining chair is Rosita, and the television in front is Stevie. Rachel accidentally breaks the chair in half and watches Joey dramatically grieve over it.

The Curious Case Of The Pet Duck

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When Joey gets a pet chicken at the end of season 3, it drives a wedge between him and Chandler, as none are ready for the considerable responsibility yet. Chandler takes little Yasmine back to the store, learns what happens to birds when no one is willing to adopt them and comes back with a loud Peking duck.

Apartment Number Changes

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Early on in the show, Joey and Chandler are living across the hall from Monica’s in apartment number 4. So essentially, the two neighbors lived in ground-floor apartments. The problem was that Monica and Rachel’s balcony had a fantastic view. And the gang didn’t seem to have a problem spying on the guy who lived right across the street from them in an apartment slightly below theirs.

Was Kicking Out Eddie Menuek So Easy?

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When Chandler’s unhinged roommate, Eddie Menuek, wouldn’t move out, he had his possessions moved from the apartment in his absence. Now, Eddie was a regular guy — he dehydrated fruit, stole mannequins from Macy’s, replaced his pet fish with a goldfish cracker, and named it Chandler.

What Is In The Oven?

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The kitchen area kept getting weirder and weirder throughout the series. In season 10, fans noticed a strange object locked up in Joey’s oven. After much speculation and debate, they concluded that it was a yellow M&M La-Z-Boy Dispenser.

Chandler’s Entrance Was Blocked Before

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Early on in season 1, a small TV stood right outside chandler’s doorway, blocking the entrance to his room. It turns out that Chandler faced trouble getting in and out of his room before the entertainment unit was put up in the living room.

Two Microwaves, A Little Much

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After the boys were robbed in season 4, Chandler bought new stuff for their apartment to uncover the guilt of going behind Joey’s back and kissing his girlfriend. He stuffed their pad with kitchen gadgets, the latest electronics, and weirdly, two microwaves. Fans have multiple opinions on Chandler buying two microwaves. Saying two sets would have come in handy while heating Joey’s particular or that they didn’t use the stove that often.

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