FRIENDS: 10 Times Joey and Pheobe Should’ve Ended Together

They say that Phoebe and Joey could have been so much more. Despite what the writers said about Ross and Rachel’s on and off a relationship after Chandler and Monica started dating, it made sense that the last two single friends who hadn’t yet “taken it up to the next level” should give it a go.

Asked about the idea, Matt LeBlanc and Lisa Kudrow said they had thought about it, but the show’s producers said no. However, there were a few times when one or both of them thought about doing just that.

This is the one with Barry and Mindy getting married.

One of the most important episodes of the show, this one shows Joey trying out for a part in a Warren Beatty movie. The part requires him to kiss another man. Phoebe is a good friend and gives Joey the wet kiss to show him how much Phoebe likes him. That’s why Joey asks the rest of the group to help him practice.

Those who turn 30 at the same time

When Rachel turns 30, everyone remembers how they turned 30 as well. When Phoebe was having a flashback, she found out that Ursula had kept her birth certificate. This made her a year older than she thought because Ursula kept it. When she turns 30, she feels about everything she wants to do, like having “the perfect kiss.” Joey, of course, gives her just that outside of Central Perk, so she doesn’t have to worry about that.

This is the person who wore a red sweater

In this episode, Joey mistakenly thinks Phoebe is pregnant, so he proposes marriage to her right away. She enthusiastically says yes and kisses him again to ensure the deal is done. In the end, Joey backs out of the value when he finds out that Rachel is pregnant and proposes to her instead. Phoebe, of course, forgives him, but she doesn’t like it.

There was a scene in the movie where Ross hugged Rachel

When Phoebe thinks about Ross and Rachel and Chandler and Monica getting together, Joey asks Phoebe if they should do the same thing. They will first marry Chandler for his money, then Rachel and Joey will marry each other to have beautiful kids. Then they will get rid of the other people and finally settle down.

The One with Rachel’s Lover

How do I ask my new client Joshua out on a date? Rachel doesn’t know how to do this because she hasn’t had to ask anyone out before, and it’s been done for her. How does Joey help? He gives her advice on when and how to say his famous catchphrase. Rachel thinks this is the wrong way for him to help her. Phoebe giggles flirtatiously when he shows her how to use the tool.

This is the one where Chandler gets a bath

Before Chandler and Monica figure out that Joey is in love with Rachel, they think he likes Phoebe at the very beginning. When Joey talks about his crush on Rachel repeatedly, Phoebe finds herself in a tricky situation.

The One In Which Ross Finds Out

When Phoebe is dating a guy who doesn’t seem to want to have sex with her in this early episode, she is a little perplexed. When Joey hears Phoebe say this, he thinks it’s ridiculous and laughs. He tells her about the first time he met her and what he said to Chandler about his first impressions of Phoebe.

In this case, there are two parts (Part 2)

When Joey starts dating Phoebe’s twin sister, Ursula, Phoebe gets angry. She knows that she will hurt her friend, which she does. As Ursula, Phoebe tries to make the breakup less painful for Joey. She shows up at the coffeehouse pretending to be Ursula, where she “breaks up” with Joey, and they both kiss goodbye.

This is the one with the ride-along

Most people think this is one of the show’s best episodes, and it’s because Phoebe’s new cop boyfriend, Gary, takes the guys out on the road with him, and they all fall in love. On their way home, they talk about how they would do in a fight. Phoebe says she’s a pacifist, but she would have to eliminate everyone, omitting Joey’s special connection as usual, even though they are close.

This is the one with all of the cheesecakes in it

Despite what the rest of the group says, Phoebe is still mad when Joey doesn’t go on a date with her, even though she’ll do the same thing when her old flame David (Hank Azaria) comes to town. It almost seems like Phoebe’s scathing monologue about how important friendship and connection are is too much for her to handle.

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