Friends 3 Worst Episodes According to IMDb

After 236 episodes, fans had difficulty saying goodbye to their six favorite friends. For a while, their friends were interested in the lives of Rachel Green and Monica Geller and Ross Geller, and Chandler Bing, as well as Joey Tribbiani and Phoebe Buffay. Not every episode was a good one, though. Fans aren’t happy with a few episodes. Were you able to guess which parts of the show viewers could have lived without?

According to Friends fans, Ross’s short-lived marriage to Emily was the worst.

The episode about Ross and Emily Waltham was the one that people didn’t like the most on Friends. It got 7.2 out of 10 stars from IMDb users. One might think that Ross and Emily’s wedding was the minor exciting episode of the whole series, but that honor goes to a seizure right before the wedding cliffhanger. Fans didn’t like some parts of the attack. It was the first time that fans learned that Emily didn’t like Rachel, which didn’t go well. The episode also had a flashback of Ross and Rachel’s best and worst times. The flashbacks were lazy, and the over-emotional parts made me feel bad.

Friends fans hated to see Chandler and Joey fight.

Chandler and Joey were the first to have a bromance. The two of them were close from the start of the show, and very little could be done to break them up. Fans didn’t like to see their best friends fight. To think that the twelfth episode of season six, “The One With Mac and C.H.E.E.S.E,” is the second least-liked episode of the whole show is a good guess. When Chandler forgets to write down the time and date of Joey’s audition in a hurry, he freaks out. Joey, of course, is suitable to be scared. How Chandler lets Joey down is the main point of the whole episode, so In this case, Chandler was a lousy friend to Joey for the first time in a long time. It got 7.4 out of 10 stars.

Three episodes of Friends are tied for the third spot.

During the show’s 10 season run, three episodes are tied for third place as the show’s worst episodes. They were all bad. It was hard for people to watch “The One with Christmas in Tulsa,” “The One with Joey’s Interview,” and “The One with the Vows.” IMDb gave each episode just 7.5 out of 10 stars. Some Friends fans didn’t like episodes that made them look back at the show, but they seemed to like flashback episodes that took viewers back to the days before Monica’s six friends spent all their time in her apartment. “The One With the Vows” looks back at Chandler and Monica’s relationship, showing how they met. Many people love the couple together, but they could have lived without going back in time.

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