Friends: 5 Most Romantic Scenes Everyone Fall For

From Phoebe and Mike’s wedding to Chandler’s enthusiastic discourse regarding the reason why Monica is an extraordinary mother, these are the best heartfelt minutes in Friends.

Throughout its 10 season run, the super hit sitcom Friends portrayed the main gathering of characters going into endless connections. Moored by the strained will-they-will not they connection among Ross and Rachel, fans likewise looked as Chandler and Monica turned into a far-fetched however flawlessly paired couple and Mike at last warmed to wedding again by accepting Phoebe as his better half.

The Ultrasound

Ross and Rachel are not generally the best couple and have a here and there relationship. Without a doubt, with a portion of their most heartfelt minutes emerging from battles. In the scene “The One Where Rachel Tells Ross,” the pair wind up having a quarrel over whether or not they ought to get hitched and in case Rachel is fit for raising their child all alone.


The battling promptly stops once the specialist shows them the ultrasound. Their change in demeanor, embrace of one another, and Ross’ endeavors to assist Rachel with translating what she is seeing all amount to a sweet second that shows the two beginning to behave like a family.

The Prom Video

Throughout the span of the show, Ross invests a lot of energy hung up on Rachel with his crush going right back to secondary school however Rachel will see exactly the amount he thinks often about her when the gathering watches a video from their prom night. The video uncovers that Ross was ready to step in and take Rachel to the prom when her date stood her up.

Chandler’s Speech To Erica

As Chandler and Monica desire to embrace a child, they travel to Cincinnati to meet a birth mother who is thinking about picking them. At the point when she stirs up their record with another, apparently more great, couple’s document. They ultimately confess all and hazard losing their chance.

Be that as it may, Chandler converses with the mother and gives a genuine, ardent discourse concerning how Monica is as of now an extraordinary mother. His discourse works and the mother consents to allow them another opportunity. It is a moving and motivating second that shows a lot of Chandler cherishes and worships his better half.

Chandler And Monica’s Proposal

Chandler’s arrangement to propose to Monica hits an obstacle when. Richard returns into the image and declares his sentiments to Monica. With some assistance from the gathering, Monica utilizes this to set up an astonishment wherein Chandler accepts. Monica has left town, just to find that she is proposing to him.

The two-section scene “The One With The Proposal” works effectively of working to this second. Providing fulfilling sense of finality to Monica’s relationship with Richard and showing Chandler’s passionate development. The actual scene is delightfully done, offering both of the characters the chance to announce their adoration for one another in a sweet and veritable manner.

Friends: Phoebe And Mike’s Wedding


All that has all the earmarks of being turning out badly at Phoebe and Mike’s wedding. As a goliath snowstorm takes out the power at the wedding scene and keeps the band and photographic artist from appearing. Notwithstanding, the gathering can scramble and assemble a ravishing outside wedding in the snow.

The outcome is a cozy and lovely wedding that fuses every one of Phoebe’s companions genuinely. After almost 10 periods of Phoebe discussing her useless family. Seeing her companions unite behind her and paying attention to her call. Mike her family makes briefly that fans love to return to.


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