Friends: 8 Reasons Rachel And Joey Deserved To Be With Each Other

Joey and Rachel’s romance was supposed to be an obstacle in Ross and Rachel’s love story, but it was the catalyst for Joey’s character development. While the plotline was meant to show that Rachel belonged with her ex-boyfriend, all it did was highlight how toxic their relationship was. Although their romance was written off as awkward as a means to discredit it, there are several reasons why Joey and Rachel were a perfect match.

Rachel Crushed On Joey Before She Dated Ross

The main argument against Rachel and Joey is a lack of chemistry, yet the series purposely portrayed them that way. Before Friends needed a reason to break them up, plenty of stolen moments showcased their potential.

They Had The Same Sense Of Humor

It was seen on multiple occasions that they shared the same sense of humor. Having this common trait alone is not a big enough reason to end up together. Still, by being funny and having the same level of mindset regarding something, Joey and Rachel would’ve lived a happy life together.

Joey’s Pros And Cons List

Ross has done many horrible things to Rachel, but his pros and cons list are a stand-out. He came up with degrading reasons not to date her and said she was “just a waitress” and “ditzy.” It was already a poor reflection on Ross, but Joey made him look even worse.

Rachel Changed Joey For The Better

Joey didn’t quite fit the stereotype compared to the other “womanizing” characters that were once a staple of sitcoms. He’s guilty of making mistakes, but his friends paint him much worse than he was. Several of the comments they made contradicted his actions, as Joey was respectful of the women he was with.

They Gave Each Other The Support They Needed

Despite making the least amount of money when the show started, Rachel and Joey had a strong work ethic. They cared about doing what they loved, even if it meant they couldn’t live within the same means as their friends.

Ross’s Speech Describes Rachel’s Relationship With Joey

Before Rachel and Ross were ever a couple, Ross gave her a pep talk. He told Rachel that she deserves someone who appreciates her and wakes up every morning thinking, “Oh my God! I’m with Rachel!”

They Enjoyed Living Together

Although Rachel has lived with almost every character in the friend group, she and Joey clicked perfectly as roommates. Monica may be Rachel’s best friend, but they had highly different household habits.

They Shared A Similar Mindset

The root of Ross and Rachel’s issues stemmed from their opposite mindsets. They had wildly different outlooks on life. And it affected the way they interacted with each other and raised their child. Rachel had managed to find the perfect nanny for Emma. But Ross fires him because he’s uncomfortable with a guy being so sensitive. One of many Ross quotes that haven’t aged well in Friends, but it highlights his misogynism.

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