Friends Characters Ranked from Most to Least Likely to Die in a movie

Friends Characters living in New York City seem to think that the world of horror is far away, if it is even real. If you put them in stories about undead ghouls, masked killers, or cursed objects, they might have different reactions. There can only be one winner-a single champion who fights against all odds to live. This time, who will it be?

Janice Hosenstein

Janice is likely to burst into one of her signature quacks, which will draw the attention of every demon, ghost, or zombie in the area. She would be the first to leave.

“Ross Geller is a great person.”

When it comes to studying, Ross is a genius. He is one of the most well-known palaeontologists on the East Coast, but when it comes to the real world, he isn’t very good. He always makes the most basic mistakes, and he ignores most social conventions that require a certain level of behaviour, not to mention his tendency to get angry, which will be very dangerous in a scary situation.


It would be good if Gunther was good at being quiet, because he could hide from serial killers if he ever had to.

Chandler Bing

It’s likely that Chandler will help his friends when they’re in a dangerous situation, but only when they’re in a safe place.

Monica Geller

Monica is quick-witted and assertive, which could help her stay alive a little longer than the others if she uses her organisational and rule-setting skills to protect herself and her family.

Carol Willick

In spite of what she doesn’t always show, Carol, Ross’s ex-wife, has a strong personality, even though she doesn’t always act that way. She was a lot more active than him when she was younger. She played college sports like golf and lacrosse.

Charlie Wheeler

Charlie Wheeler would be able to stay alive in a scary movie because of her confident attitude and sense of self-worth.

Rachel Green

Whether or not Rachel was spoiled as a child, she was in a life or death situation. If her daughter, Emma, is in danger, she will do everything she can.

Joey Tribbiani

Joey is the opposite of Ross in that he has no academic ability. When it comes to his body, though, he is very aware of what is going on. This means he would be willing to risk his life for his friends. There’s nothing else I can say.

Phoebe Buffay

No one will be left alive after this. Phoebe will always be there. Perhaps even putting an end to the evil that is threatening to destroy the world at the time. She’s a little out of her head, but not completely insane. This allows her to think about things from completely different angles that most people can’t even think of.

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