Friends Deleted Scene Extends Monica’s Strangest Romance

Although Monica has had several bad relationships in Friends, one deleted scene makes her weirdest romance even worse. Richard Burke was Monica’s most stable boyfriend before Chandler (Matthew Perry) (Tom Selleck). In the second season of Friends, Richard makes his debut. Although he’s about two decades older than Monica and the Friend of her parents, their romance initially hits some snags. Despite this, the two remain sincerely in love. Despite their eventual breakup, Richard remains an option for Monica until Chandler’s proposal in season six.

Monica has dated a lot of jerks, but Richard is an exception. For a date with Paul the Wine Guy (John Allen Nelson) in season one, Monica was duped into believing he could not engage in sexual activity. Later, Monica discovers that it was merely a remark Paul makes to other women. Season 3 sees the return of Monica’s coworker Julio (Carlos Gómez), another of her troublesome ex-boyfriends. Initially, Monica enjoys his poem about an empty vase. Ultimately, she’s insulted because she believes Julio’s poem implies that she’s hollow on the inside. Julio assures her that the situation is not about her. It’s about “women of all ages.” Monica’s dating life has been plagued by everything from misogynists to man-children.

However, an extended scene from season 4 brings Monica’s worst relationship into focus. In the fourth episode of Season 4.

Timothy (Michael Vartan), Richard’s son, is Monica’s eye doctor in “The One With Chandler In A Box.” When he accepts her invitation to spend Thanksgiving with her and her friends, Monica kisses him. Monica doesn’t like it because it reminds her of Richard. A longer YouTube clip reveals Timothy has a problem, too. You remind him of his mother, he says. “You know what the poorest thing is for me?”

The phrase only serves to exacerbate the situation. Monica compares kissing Timothy to kissing Richard for the first time. Monica is like a second mother to Timothy. Timothy’s comment about his mother repulses Monica, and she turns around in disgust. Adding to the mystification, Monica was the one who initially refused a second kiss. It’s a good thing Timothy didn’t appear in any more episodes to explain that strange occurrence.

While Timothy’s line makes the Friend’s relationship even weirder, it also sheds light on another aspect of the characters. Although Monica’s extended scene with Timothy in The Friend raises some eyebrows, it also clarifies her relationship with Richard. This could be because Barbara, the mother of Timothy, was the woman Richard fell in love with and whom she reminded him of. It’s unclear why Richard and Barbara split up, but the two were once a happy couple. She was his high-school sweetheart, and they were married for 30 years in season 2 of the show.

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