Friends: Each Season’s Worst Character

Friends is still one of the popular sitcoms of all time, despite the season finale airing over 17 years ago. However, as with any series, some characters were more popular than others. Throughout the five seasons, the six friends met various characters who all had a significant impact on their lives – sometimes for the better, sometimes not.

Season 1: Paolo

Friends revolved around Ross and Rachel’s story. The constant will-they-won’t-they was teased regularly. A few romantic interests were thrown into the mix to add to the commotion. The first was Rachel’s Italian next-door neighbor Paolo, who fans could have done without.

Paolo and Rachel began dating after meeting in “The One with the Blackout,” even though they could barely communicate. However, when Paolo exposed himself in front of Phoebe, their relationship abruptly ended. Paolo was tolerable, but his presence was grating, and no one cared if it was the last time they saw him.

Season 2: Eddie Menuek

Eddie, the schizophrenic and delusional roommate, appeared in season two. When Joey moved out, and Chandler tried to fill the void, it was one of the most unexpected events in Friends. Eddie, unfortunately for everyone, was chosen to take his place.

His actions became increasingly disturbing as the episodes progressed, such as renaming Chandler’s dead fish and replacing it with a goldfish cracker. Chandler refers to him as a “psychopath” when he finally leaves Chandler’s apartment, and fans are relieved to see him go.

Season 3: Mark Robinson

Mark first appeared in season three as a Bloomingdale employee. He did a lot of good for Rachel’s fashion career, but that was it. At the same time, he appeared to have good intentions at first. It wasn’t long before he confessed to Rachel that he’d had a crush on her.

Mark was a catalyst for Ross and Rachel’s breakup, which was one of the most heartbreaking episodes of Friends. While it wasn’t entirely his fault, he did play a significant role. He was raising whether their breakup could have been avoided if Mark hadn’t been involved.

Season 4: Kathy

Kathy, who was initially thought to be just another one of Joey’s one-night stands, turned out to be much more than that because she brought a lot of drama with her. Kathy cheats on Joey after realizing she has feelings for Chandler, almost destroying one of television’s best bromances.

Chandler and Kathy were the more compatible couple, and Joey eventually gave them his blessing. She quickly reverted to her old habits and cheated on Chandler. Kathy didn’t add much to the party’s enjoyment, and no one was upset when she left.

Season 5: Emily Waltham

Unfortunately for Emily, being in the middle of Ross and Rachel is enough to make anyone dislike them even before their story begins. Friends’ best season finale events, first introduced in season 4, bring out a side of Emily that no one likes.

Emily agrees to give Ross another chance in Season 5. But only on the condition that he no longer sees Rachel. Ross, thankfully, refuses, and their marriage ends abruptly. After his breakup with Rachel, the first girl Ross dated didn’t stand a chance even though she was now highly dislikeable.


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