FRIENDS: Fans Accidentally Noticed these Mistakes in The Show

The Friends set is one of the most famous in TV history, particularly Monica’s apartment – with that classic gold frame around the spy hole on the purple door.

But did you ever notice that Monica’s apartment number changed from 5 to 20? A nightmare of epic proportions for New York postal workers, indeed!?

In the first season of Friends, Monica lived in apartment number 5, but when the writers realized that it made no sense whatsoever that number 5 would be on an upper-level floor, it was changed to 20 to reflect that she lived higher up.

In the one with “Paul the Wine Guy” in the first season, you can also see that Joey and Chandler’s apartment across the way has the number 4 on the door.

As a result, Chandler’s apartment also shifted from number 4 to number 19.

Friends bosses kept the changes under wraps, but did you ever notice?


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