Friends: How Did Joey Pay For The Boat (Is It A Plot Hole?)

He loves the “Mr. Beaumont,” but it’s hard to believe Joey, an actor constantly out of work, could ever afford such a great purchase. He kept the boat and intended to pay for it in full because in Friends season 7, Rachel teaches Joey to sail. But how did Joey buy the ship?

Though Matt LeBlanc’s character was frequently unemployed as an actor, and Joey often owed Chandler money, he did get some big breaks. Despite its early cancellation, “Mac and C.H.E.E.S.E.” featured Joey as a robot partner.

Joey may have bought his boat with money from Friends and Mac, and C.H.E.E.S.E. Joey’s two rare successes came before. After the sometimes-controversial, Joey accidentally bid for Mr. Beaumont. Because Friends never directly connects these dots, it’s possible the writers never intended to answer this question about Joey’s boat.

Friends portray Joey’s acting career in a realistic light. It is not shown as a quick-rich scheme. By the end of Friends, he has carved out a respectable job. While Friends never mentioned it, it’s possible Joey was able to donate some of his previous earnings from shows like “Days of Our Lives” to Mr. Beaumont. Joey’s spin-off shows him still trying to make it as an actor, so it’s possible that his career stability by Friends season 6 prompted him to keep the boat, despite not being able to afford it.

Or maybe Friends didn’t want to talk about it because it wasn’t that important to the show’s ongoing plotlines. Extending the storyline of he struggling to pay Mr. Beaumont may not have made sense as an episodic series.

Whatever the reason, he is the impulsive purchase of Mr. Beaumont was out of character for him at the time. And while it’s easy to justify the investment once Joey started racking up acting credits during the later seasons of Friends, it’s also clear that the writers weren’t too keen on continuing the storyline. Why explain how Joey could buy a boat and pay for it if in-universe viewers could believe he was a doctor on Days of Our Lives?

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