Friends: Matt LeBlanc The actor once said, “I made a whole kitchen and…”

Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Steven LeBlanc, is an actor who played Joey Tribbiani on the NBC show Friends. Which was a huge hit and loved by people of all ages. This actor’s actions have made us laugh since 1994, so we thought we’d celebrate his 55th birthday with some facts about him.

Matt was in several ’90s sitcoms, such as TV 101, Top of the Heap, Married… with Children, Vinnie & Bobby, Reform School Girl, and others. Did you know he could have been a professional in a field other than acting? So, keep reading.

Matt LeBlanc talked much about his childhood on Jimmy Kimmel Live in January 2015. The Hollywood Reporter said that when the Friends actor spoke about his childhood. He talked about sneaking into the closet where his mother kept the Christmas gifts, unwrapping one present, and playing with it. And then putting it back so he could pretend it was a surprise on Christmas day and other stories.

Jimmy Kimmel, the show’s host, asked Matt LeBlanc if he knew from a young age that he wanted to be an actor. In response, the actor from Friends surprised everyone by saying he thought he would be a carpenter.

The actor from “Joey” said he studied carpentry in high school.

Even more surprising, the actor said, “I made a whole kitchen and put it in a house.” Still in a good mood, he joked that his high school teacher liked what he did before he decided to change careers.

According to Comedy Central, Matt LeBlanc went to Boston College to take carpentry classes. But he dropped out. Soon after that, he started acting, and since then, he has entertained everyone, no matter what age.

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