Friends: Rachel’s Best Decisions In The Series

Rachel Green, played by Jennifer Aniston, is one of the most well-known characters in Friends, and her success has catapulted her to the A-list. Rachel had the most committed character arc, with everything from her professional exploits to her romantic life explored over her ten years onscreen.

When She Ditched Barry At The Altar

Rachel realized she’d never lived for herself and that marrying a man she didn’t love was a mistake. The problem was that it happened on her wedding night, prompting her to flee to the bathroom when she couldn’t take it anymore.

When She Cut Up Her Credit Cards

Friends taught Rachel that it’s okay to be scared if you make positive changes. Rachel was still reliant on her father’s money, preventing her from finding work and genuinely experiencing the struggle that leads to independence.

After learning about Ross’ feelings for her, she decided to pursue him.

Rachel discovers Ross’s feelings for her after Chandler inadvertently reveals them, leaving her perplexed about her feelings. She initially refuses to pursue Ross but later decides to take a chance and pick him up at the airport in the hopes of starting a relationship.

To Show She Wasn’t Embarrassed To Be There, She Performed At Barry And Mindy’s Wedding.

Accepting Mindy’s offer to be her maid of honour at Rachel’s ex-wedding boyfriend’s, Barry was a risky move. On the other hand, the guests treated her with scorn and mockery, believing Barry’s lies that she had a mental health condition.

When She Broke Up With Ross The First Time

Ross and Rachel’s breakup is still a hot topic, with some Friends fans despising Rachel’s handling of the situation. Ross could not support her growing career, and she felt burdened by it. She could have done for them both was to end the relationship.

When She Quit Central Perk

Rachel grew too comfortable in her job as a waitress at Central Perk, even though she despised it. She worked there for years because it paid well, but it interfered with her true fashion industry ambitions.

When she didn’t pursue Ross after Emily’s divorce,

Some Friends fans believe Rachel was a lousy friend for planning to crash Ross’ wedding to Emily, but she never followed through.

When she told Mr. Zelner about her job interview mistakes, he was shocked.

Rachel used to be a non-confrontational person who let nearly everyone walk all over her. When she applied for a job at Ralph Lauren, she took charge and overcame extreme embarrassment during the interview. Rachel kissed her future boss goodbye before confronting him, mistaking believing he was hitting on her.

She stayed with Joey to look after Emma.

Ross and Rachel couldn’t reconcile their feelings for each other and their stubbornness in not confronting them, making them a poor roommate match at the time. Rachel chose to return to Joey and raise Emma for two years.

When She Got Off The Plane

Rachel only realized she wanted to be with him when she called to say goodbye, and she decided to get off the plane.

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