Friends: Ranking the 10 Best Quotes from Minor Characters

The Daily Hive says that Friends fans can go to The FRIENDS Experience at Yorkdale Mall in Toronto, Ontario, in the summer of 2022. There will be rooms like Central Perk, Rachel Green, Monica Geller’s apartment, and other places from the show.

During the 10 seasons of the show, Rachel, Monica, Phoebe Buffay, Ross Geller, and Joey Tribbani say some funny things, but the quirky side characters also say some interesting things. Even though they come from minor characters, these lines are just as powerful.

Gunther tells Rachel how much he loves her.

I know you are leaving tonight, but I need to tell you something. I Love You. I’m unsure if that changes your plans, but I thought you should know. ”

Gunther says funny things in Friends, but it’s sad when he finally tells Rachel how he feels about her in the last episode. He knows the truth, so he doesn’t think she’ll say she loves him back, but he takes a big chance anyway.

At this point, Gunther’s feelings for Rachel are so clear that this isn’t the most exciting or funny line, nor the most surprising. Still, it’s a moment to remember because Gunther needs to end things.

Chandler is called something else by Janice.

“We go back a long way.” Before Monica turned him into an honest man, Chandler was my “little love muffin.”

Chandler and Janice’s relationship isn’t easy, and after they break up, they run into each other quite a few times. Because of this, Chandler can’t stop thinking about Janice, even though he falls in love with Monica and never looks back.

Janice can sometimes be annoying, but she is always brave and true to herself. Janice doesn’t like it when he calls her “love muffin,” but Janice always says what she thinks.

Mike Meets Phoebe On A Blind Date

“It looks like I’m not funny.”

Even though Mike Hannigan ends up being Phoebe’s husband, Joey sets them up. However, they don’t get off to a perfect start. When Joey met Mike, he invited him to dinner out of the blue, which upset and insulted Phoebe.

Fans love this couple and think they are a great match. Mike tells a bad joke, and then he tells Phoebe that he doesn’t think he’s a good joke-teller. This is such a cute and sweet line that Phoebe can’t help but be interested in him.

Janice doesn’t like Chandler.

“By the way, Chandler, I took you out of every picture I took of us. So if you want, I have a bag with just your heads. You could turn them into little puppets and use them in your cruel theatre. ”

In the first season 1 episode, “The One With the Candy Hearts,” Joey sets up a date between Chandler and Janice. Janice and Chandler’s relationship with friends is doomed because they never seem to get along well.

She goes beyond what most people would do, who might make polite small talk or say it’s awkward for them to talk. Janice tells Chandler that she ruined all of their pictures, and her line about his “Theater of Cruelty” is so dramatic that it’s impossible to forget.

Richard Has Fun With His Moustache

“Well, my nose was lonely,” he said.

When Chandler asks Monica to marry him, it is probably the worst time to run into Richard. Monica tells Richard that he has facial hair again, and he tells this corny but still funny joke.

This is one of the craziest and most touching things Richard ever says because it’s clear that he’s shocked to see Monica again, but he can’t help being his usual, sometimes goofy self. This is among the most moving times between the characters because Monica finally feels like she can move on.

Ursula Doesn’t Recognize Phoebe.

“I thought that spot was a mirror.”

From Phoebe’s best friends’ songs to her loyalty and close friendships, Phoebe is always a cheerful and silly presence onscreen. In one scene, Phoebe runs into her twin sister, Ursula. Ursula doesn’t realize it’s her and says, “I thought I was looking into a mirror.”

Fans know Phoebe for her weird habits, but as they watch Ursula more and more, they realize that Ursula might be even sillier and crazier than Phoebe. Even though this is a funny quote, it shows that Phoebe wishes the twins got along better.

Richard cares about Monica.

“You Are My Future.”

If they were similar ages and had the exact needs and wants, Monica and Richard Burke’s relationship might have worked out. Even though the relationship doesn’t work out, Richard tells Monica that when he thinks about the future, he sees her. This is a very inspirational quote.

Even though Richard and Monica disagree on the future, this is still a big moment. Monica knows this is the kind of relationship she should always try to find because she deserves to be treated nicely.

David is instantly in love with Phoebe.

“I told my friend I thought you were the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen.”

The guy Phoebe likes, David, is a minor character on Friends who could be the main character. He’s well-developed, and his intelligence shines through in every episode he’s in. In the first season’s episode, “The One With the Monkey,” when Phoebe is playing at Central Perk, the two characters meet. It’s moving for David to see Phoebe performing, which is what she loves to do.

David isn’t the most outgoing or confident person, but his feelings about Phoebe make him brave. The first thing David says to Phoebe is sweet, romantic, and memorable. This is one of the best quotes from a minor character.

Ross can’t get Dr. Green to like him.

“You think I’m inexpensive?”

In Season 3, Rachel and Ross have dinner with Rachel’s dad, but he doesn’t leave a good tip, so Ross puts down $20. Dr. Green gets very angry and says that Ross thinks he’s cheap. In On Friends, many minor characters make jokes and sound silly, but Dr. Green asks Ross a tricky and essential question.

This is a basic storyline because Ross wants to make a good impression on Rachel’s father. After all, Rachel is more important to him than anyone else he has dated. Ross doesn’t want to offend anyone, but he has to stand up for what he knows is right. This is one reason why Rachel loves him so much.

Janice has a famous saying.

“Oh, my God!”

The best line ever said by a minor character on Friends has to be Janice’s constant “Oh my god!” Janice can’t help but act this way, whether she’s surprised in a good or bad way, confused, upset, or at a loss for words.

Janice’s words have become one of the show’s most memorable catchphrases, along with Ross and Rachel’s “we were on a break.” This is because fans associate the phrase with fun and well-liked characters.

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